FoodScan™ 2 Meat Analyser ​

The FoodScan™ 2 Meat Analyser is the new gold standard for fast, accurate and easy analysis of meat and processed meat products. It can be used in all stages of meat production - from checking incoming raw material to final product control.

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FoodScan 2
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With time to result reduced by 50%, new labelling parameters, ability to measure colour and batch standardization functionality, the FoodScan™ 2 Meat Analyser brings you a new level of performance to streamline operations.
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Any type of ground or homogenised meat sample.
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Fat, moisture, protein, collagen, saturated fat, carbohydrates, energy, salt, sodium, water activity and ash, plus colour measurement and batch standardisation functionality.

Would you like to get all the information you need for labelling from one analysis?

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