Max value from trimmings and cuts with raw meat analysis

Instant tests for key parameters such as fat content ensure the most profitable use of increasingly valuable raw materials


Whether building a delivery of trimmings for sausage production or deciding the curing time for hams, making the very best use of raw materials is essential for experienced meat industry professionals. That ability is now more important than ever in meeting increasing demands for traceable high quality products while also turning a profit.

But it can be a challenge when raw material is notoriously variable from supplier-to-supplier, from batch-to-batch and even from tray-to-tray. Without a clear picture of entire batches of trimmings, lean meat may be given away to ensure that fat targets are always met. Likewise, selecting cuts for processing can be time-consuming and costly yet without a sharp picture of the fat content, the curing of products may take more time and energy resources than necessary and the risk of quality failures is higher.

The advent of rapid raw meat analysis in the laboratory in the production environment gives the vision required to make smart choices as raw material arrives. So-called in-line solutions scan 100% of complete batches of meat and perform foreign object detection at the same time. Advantages include optimal use of raw material, exact matching of fat content specifications, production efficiency and, not least, maximum profit.

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Raw material control

Quality assurance of incoming raw material ensures: control deliveries for fat content, check for foreign objects.

Process control

Control fat content in your mixer and move the fat content closer to target: optimize yield, reduce lean meat give-away, improve consistency of final products, build and protect brand.

Final product control

Final product control ensures: products within specification, brand protection.

Get the most out of trimmings


The fat content in meat trimming has traditionally been measured by periodic tests with “butcher’s eye” or by chemical analysis methods. However, such methods do not offer satisfactory accuracy for trim product and process control.

In-line analysis of entire batches of trimmings based on X-ray analysis helps to optimise the sales value as proven through effective use by hundreds of meat producers around the world.
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Specifically producers can:
• Avoid lean meat giveaway in each carton and/or pallet/combo
• Optimise the value of trim categories by reducing the variation between each carton on a pallet
• Reduce the risk of fat fines/fat claims
• Stop foreign objects getting into final products
• Keep a record (fat, weight and Foreign Object Detection) of cartons on a pallet or combos for use in case of disputes.

Raw meat analysis – measure it all with in-line X-ray

Raw meat analysis solutions such as the MeatMaster II test trimmings that are passed through the analyser on a conveyor. The result data can be used for manual or automatic batch assembly as in this case story from Danish Crown.




Grade pork bellies and hams for production efficiency and consistent quality

Raw meat analysis with X-ray technology it is possible to objectively grade whole cuts like pork bellies, pork hams etc. into uniform categories, which is not achievable via the traditional visual inspection.


The grading is based on fat measurement and can be combined with image recognition. The benefits of this technology apply to manufacturers of bacon, producers of dry ham products and other manufacturers of finished meat products based on whole meat cuts. Suppliers of pork bellies can also exploit the opportunity to ensure that deliveries are to specification (size, length, width, thickness), CL-content and without foreign objects. This grading method helps to:


• Enhance brand image by improving final product consistency
• Improve production yield from sorting raw material into uniform categories
• Improve production yield by reducing rejection rates of final products
• Minimise labour costs for inspection of the cuts
• Avoid paying for raw material which does not fulfill specifications


This video shows how it works:




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Avoid customer claims with in-line fat analysis of trimmings

Raw meat analysis with the in-line MeatMaster™ analyser can lead to a reduction in customer claims and lean meat give-away.


By measuring entire batches of trimmings, it gives an accurate measurement of fat content so that targets can be met precisely every time. Customer expectations are met and profit is improved. Learn more in this article.

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Performance, uptime and transparency of data


FOSS solutions draw on multiple technology disciplines including instrumentation, software and connectivity. Among the benefits of this complete solution approach is rock-solid and consistent high analytical performance of instruments, no matter where they are located and who is using them. Other advantages include transparency and traceability of results and unique levels of service and support.

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Our integrated and remotely controlled support and optimization services ensure maximum value from all your FOSS solution wherever you are in the world. Beyond on-site maintenance, our service engineers and application specialists are always with you online. The team monitors performance status and secures that your connected analytical operations run smoothly. Our preventive maintenance warrants up-time and quality of data - day after day. Read more

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