Why we go digital


Fast, easy-to-use and dedicated analytics - we call it SmartAnalytics™ - is the most valuable resource in modern food production. It allows for intelligent data analysis and high uptime in production. Reliable performance is safeguarded through remote monitoring and assistance, automation, sharing of knowledge – all in all a more intelligent use of nature’s agricultural resources. SmartCare™ is the service we offer our customers.

What’s in it for you?

When it comes to analytics in a production, time is often a critical parameter. Getting data instantly is extremely valuable and can save both time and money, for instance when an early warning can stop contaminated ingredients from entering the production flow. 

Digital information can travel the world in a heartbeat, and your connected analytics can be accessed from wherever, whenever you need it.

Going digital gives you the ability to adapt and react rapidly to changes in raw materials, instrument performance, contamination or consumer demands. All in a competitive market. Connectivity accelerates results and thus the decision-making process, and makes productions smarter than ever.

Data harvest

What’s in it for the world?

Going digital allows for better analytics by making information faster, more accessible and by combining more data. Whether a single farmer in Peru or a large production in France, you can access the latest updates and technological advances, and continuously stand on the shoulders of years of experience and expertise. 

We are spearheading a joining of hardware and information, and FOSS connects to a global network of measurements, calibrations and knowledge, which allows for informed decisions in food production, based on intelligence.

Ultimately, going digital increases food quality, food safety and output, and thus allows for a more sustainable production. And that’s good news for everyone.

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