Consistent results every time with plant-based meat quality analysis

Instant tests for key parameters such as fat, moisture and protein ensures more consistent quality while saving money in the processing of plant-based products

Plant-based meat

The plant-based food industry is in constant and rapid development. More consumers than ever are turning to plant-based food products in pursuit of products that are good for both the planet and their health.

It can be a challenge for food manufacturers to stay on top of new business opportunities while also improving production processes and the quality of products. For instance, the same specified raw material from a suppliers does not necessarily mean the same final product every time. To ensure consistent plant-based meat quality, it is important to track key parameters of ingredients at every step throughout the production process, from raw material to finished product.

Rapid and easy to use analytical solutions for plant-based meat quality give vital data on key parameters of ingredients at every step throughout the production process. Producers can optimise production processes, limiting waste and reducing costs while delivering what consumers want: a delicious, healthy product that is also good for the planet. A product that contains exactly what it says on the label, nothing more, nothing less. A product that looks, tastes and feels like traditional meat and dairy products every time.

Get the most out of the process


Plant-based meat


Robust, easy to use and IP65 certified, instruments based on near infrared (NIR) are ideal for monitoring fat, protein, moisture and other parameters of plant-based product processing and finished products.

Checking raw material avoids mistakes and rework downstream in the process and ensures that you pay the right price for deliveries.

Checking material in process helps to define and monitor batch targets. It ensures a more efficient process control, reduces costs and improves quality at every step of production.

Measurements can be made by anyone and the instruments can be positioned at the production line, in the laboratory or directly in-line in the process. Learn more in this guide about near infrared (NIR) analysis.

Agile plant-based meat quality analysis speeds up product development


The ability to test quickly and repeatedly at no extra cost is essential when developing the next best-seller plant-based product. Rapid on the spot tests on a variety of samples minimise R&D costs and shortens the journey of developing a new product from R&D to market. A single test taking less than a minute delivers multiple parameters fulfilling many, if not all labelling requirements. Read more

Meet regulatory and customer expectations with reliable and traceable finished product analysis


Plant based meat burger


Meet regulatory and customer expectations with reliable and traceable plant-based meat quality analysis

Plant-based meat quality analysis at the critical final stage of production helps you to limit liabilities and potentially damaging product recalls. Instead you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your products meet specifications.

The majority of this plant-based meat quality analysis can be performed using rapid routine analysis with NIR, but certified chemical analysis methods are also often required for validation of compliance with certain end-product criteria. If you are engaged in traditional laboratory analysis, safe and reliable solutions help you to give reference analysis results with speed and accuracy. For chemical analysis we can provide a complete range of solutions aimed at automating steps for speed and safety while minimising use of chemicals.

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