New Soxhlet apparatus offers fully automated way to perform Soxhlet fat analysis

10. Dec, 2018
Based on several years of development work in partnership with chemical analysis laboratories, the Soxtec™ 8000 extraction unit and Hydrotec™ hydrolysis unit, is the first fully automated solution for total fat analysis with the Soxhlet method.
Consisting of an extraction unit, a hydrolysis unit and a single Hydrocap filter that is common to both units, the Soxtec™ 8000 allows hydrolysis and Soxhlet analysis to be performed in one integrated laboratory process.  

Other advances in the automation of fat analysis include a solvent dosage dial for improved safety and minimal operator time. Smart water cooling only starts when actually required, self adjusting hotplates ensure optimal heat transfer to extraction cups and the hotplates can be individually switched on and off.  

Improving throughput at a lower cost
The unique filter system that goes all the way through hydrolysis to final extraction allows users to avoid filter to filter transfer. This saves time and labour and avoids the risk of human error and associated costs. An optional extra six position unit in the extraction phase allows batch handling of up to 12 samples using the same control unit. Plus, an automatic shutdown feature allows out of hours operation. 

Safe operations
Safety features improve on existing automated Soxhlet solutions. Features such as the enclosed solvent dosage system and effective cooling help to avoid contact with solvents, chemicals or fumes. The design of the extraction unit also allows use of a broad range of tested solvents, including some that are considered to be unsafe when used with other solutions.

This is really a reinvention of doing fat analysis for laboratories. For instance, the Hydrocap single filter going all the way through from weighing to hydrolysis and finally to extraction can really make life easier for laboratories and improve their throughput at reduced cost.

Scientists at FOSS have always been at the forefront of analytical technology. Time and time again, they have found new ways to make chemical analysis simpler, safer and more cost-effective. The Tecator™ line Soxtec™ 8000 system, is an innovative solution that makes chemical analysis of fat more automated and more effective than ever before.


To mention just four advantages, a unique filter system avoids costly sample handling errors, an easy-to-use and enclosed solvent dosage improves safety and minimizes the use of solvents, smart water-cooling avoids unnecessary use of laboratory water. Overall, the system leads to a significant improvement in throughput in the laboratory.
FOSS hopes that laboratories will enjoy the efficiency opportunities of the Soxtec 8000 system. Trained local sales staff are on standby around the world to explain more about the technology behind and how it can make a difference to individual laboratory operations.