Soxtec 8000

Soxtec™ 8000

The Soxtec™ 8000 extraction unit is a fully automated system for fast and safe extraction of soluble matter from a wide range of matrices. It performs the four extraction steps boiling, rinsing, solvent recovery and auto-shut down, fully unattended. Just load, start and walk away.

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First fully automated Soxhlet system. Improving throughput at a lower cost. Reducing risk in fat analysis. Batch handling tools for easy operation.
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Sample type

Feed, feed ingredients, forage, pet food, food, food ingredients, grain, cereal, oil seeds, DDGS, meat, meat products, fish, fish products, dairy products, environmental products, (e.g. soil, sludge, waste water) and other industry products (paper pulp, textiles, rubber, tobacco, fertilizer, detergents, plastic and more).
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Crude fat, total fat and extractable matter.

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  • Accessories for Soxtec 8000
    Accessories for Soxtec 8000

    Flexible operation

    The Soxtec™ 8000 total fat solution helps you respond to the demands of your customers, for example, you can do total or crude fat analysis or both. It’s easy to increase capacity according to customer requirements with up to 12 position hydrolysis and six position extraction that is expandable to 12, all with individual hotplate control.
  • Hydrocap filter
    Patented Hydrocap filter

    Simplified process

    This unique patented Hydrocap™ filter contains the sample from the initial weighing, through hydrolysis to final extraction; avoiding sample transfer errors. It is a fully automated system that performs automated acid hydrolysis and Randall improved Soxhlet extraction in one integrated process.
  • Soxtec 8000
    Soxtec 8000 - Secure solvent dispensing & recovery

    Secure solvent dispensing & recovery

  • Accessories for Soxtec 8000
    Accessories for Soxtec 8000


    Soxtec™ systems has an extensive range of accessories with glass and aluminium cups and thimbles in different sizes to fit individual laboratory needs and applications.

A Soxtec™ to suit every need

The Soxtec™ series consist of various levels of automation from manual to fully automated solutions:

Soxtec™ 8000
ST 255 Soxtec™ ST 243 Soxtec™
Levels of automation Fully automated Semi automated Manual
Positions 6 - 12 6 6
Capacity/day 42/86 samples 30 - 36 samples 30 - 36 samples
Solvent volume 40 - 110 ml

70 - 90 ml

40 - 50 ml
Thimble diameter 26, 33 mm 26, 33 mm 26 mm
Compatible with hydrolysis unit Hydrotec™ 8000 and SC 247 SoxCap™ Hydrotec™ 8000 and SC 247 SoxCap™ SC 247 SoxCap™ with mini capsules
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Soxtec™ 8000 integrated total fat analysis

The total fat solution allows you to perform total fat analysis with one integrated process. 

There are three main elements to the solution: the Hydrotec™ 8000 hydrolysis unit, the Soxtec™ 8000 extraction unit and the Hydrocap™ that works in both. The extraction unit has an external controller and a broad range of accessories.

Learn more about Hydrotec™ 8000.
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Samples in laboratory

Soxhlet fat analysis revisited

It’s the first ever fully automated solution for total fat analysis with the Soxhlet method, but how does it work and how does it make life easier in the lab? Read article

Webinar: How to save time and money with automated fat analysis

Learn how to turn manual handlings of acids and solvents into an automated batch process and how to increase lab throughput with innovative integration of hydrolysis and solvent extraction steps including a seamless sample transfer. In order to watch this webinar you need to submit the requested information and join our FOSS knowledge community. We will process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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Technical specification

Performance data at 230 V
Extraction time
Typically 45 – 60 min
Solvent volume 40 – 110 ml depending on cup type
Sample size 0.5 – 3 g depending on sample type
0.5 – 2 g (for total fat)
Capacity/batch  6/12 positions
42/84 samples
Temperature range 0 – 285 °C

Measuring range

0.1 – 100 %


1% rel. Or better (5 – 100% fat)

Solvent Recovery

Typically 80 %

Accuracy According to officially approved methods
Installation requirements
Power supply 

200 – 240 V 50 – 60 Hz

Power consumption

1500 W (120 VAC version)
1800 W (230 VAC version)

Water consumption

2 l/min < 25°C minimum flow

Weight net

Extraction Unit

35 kg

Control unit

4 kg

Dimensions (W×D×H)

640 × 350 × 630 mm 280 × 200 × 190 mm

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