FoodScan™ 2 Meat Analyser ​

FoodScan 2 is the gold standard for fast, accurate and easy analysis of meat and processed meat products. It can be used in all stages of meat production – from checking incoming raw material to final product control.

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FoodScan 2
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With the FoodScan™ 2 meat analyser you can get all the information you need for your product labels as well as measuring the colour of your meat product. Additionally, the batch standardisation functionality makes is easy for you to use the FoodScan™ 2 for process control.
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Any type of ground or homogenised meat samples, plant-based meat alternatives and fish.
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Fat, moisture, protein, collagen, saturated fat, carbohydrates, energy, salt, sodium, water activity and ash, plus colour measurement and batch standardisation functionality.

Would you like to get all the information you need for your product labels from one analysis?

There’s more to know with FoodScan™ 2. Talk to our experts to learn what labelling parameters can do for your business.  Get a quote Let's talk

Know what to expect in meat products

Italian meat producers, Faccia Fratelli explain how new labelling options have made it possible to provide customers with accurate nutritional profile data.


  • All the parameters you need for your labelling in one analysis

    With FoodScan™ 2 you get the information you need for labels on consumer packs.
    This gives you the possibility to reduce your costs for use of external labs and enables the QC lab to do more with the same resources.
    Besides fat, moisture, protein, collagen and salt (Cl-based) the FoodScan™ 2 delivers results about the content of energy, carbohydrates, saturated fat, sodium and ash. 
  • Ready-to-use calibrations – covering raw material as well as finished products

    Reduce calibration maintenance and development costs with one global ANN calibration that covers all types of meat and meat product

    If you need to control parameters or products that are not covered by the ANN calibrations, we can support you with the tools and competences required to make customised models.

  • Accurate results – even with less homogenous samples

    With FoodScan™ 2 you get accurate and representative results from your sample analysis, making you less dependant on the homogenisation step. 
    FoodScan™ 2 is a major step forward in NIR transmission technology.
  • Measure colour and composition at the same time

    The colour module is one of the new features available with FoodScan™ 2:

    Colour is measured with the CIE L* a* b standard
    The colour measurement is done at the same time as the composition parameters are measured
  • Batch standardisation

    The FoodScan™ 2 includes a new batch standardisation function to ease your adjustment of fat content in a batch. 
  • Get peace of mind with a total solution

    Ensure indisputable results with advanced digital service and support solutions. Whatever your needs, we have a SmartCare™ solution that is tailored to match the requirements of your analytical set-up.


    •Get total control of your FoodScan 2 units across different locations with instrument networking. Check that your analyser is performing optimally from anywhere.
    •Ensure FoodScan 2 uptime, verify analytical performance and document performance for audit purposes.


  • First approved rapid method

    Foodscan™ 2 is the only near infrared (NIR) analyser that is AOAC approved for analysis of meat products. This is valuable for any laboratory and others required to use officially approved methods. FoodscanTM 2 is also approved by the Australian Quarantine and inspection Service (AQIS) and Polska Noma in Poland.