Efficient quality with poultry meat analysis

Agile testing of mechanically deboned meat and poultry products such as burgers and sausages ensures consistent quality from finely-tuned processes

Poultry meat production

As a source of low cost, nutritious meat and with relatively low sustainability impact, the poultry sector continues to grow and industrialize in many parts of the world. An increasing population, greater purchasing power and urbanization have been strong drivers of growth.

Poultry meat processing technologies have developed accordingly to create highly efficient large scale production facilities, but what of poultry meat quality in this context? Fat and protein content can be hard to control in the highly mechanized processes with mechanically deboned meat (MDM) particularly vulnerable to variations in quality. Agility in controlling large-scale production processes is critical for success both in terms of brand protection and profit.

Rapid poultry meat analysis gives producers the required insight to produce to specifications and regulations no matter what the scale of production. Producers of MDM can adjust production process to improve final product consistency and ensure that MDM products are produced according to specification and segregated according to fat content. At the same time, users of poultry MDM, like manufacturers of chicken or turkey sausages, nuggets, etc., can also benefit by checking incoming raw material (supplier control) and improve process control, resulting in improved final product consistency.

Advantages of process control in the poultry MDM production process include improved yield and profit from:
• Saving on lean meat giveaway
• Consistent product quality
• Fewer customer claims
• Increased production efficiency
• Eliminating cassation of MDM product
• Reducing or eliminating downgrade

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Poultry process line

Raw material control

Quality assurance of incoming raw material ensures: supplier control, improved food safety.

Process control

Control fat content in your process and move the fat content closer to target. This secure improved final product consistency, reduced risk of downgrade and brand protection.

Final product control

Final product control ensures: products within specification, brand protection.

Agile quality control of poultry products


Robust, easy to use and IP65 certified, instruments based on near infrared (NIR) are ideal for monitoring fat, protein, moisture in production. For instance if the fat content in your products is too high you risk losing profit through lean meat giveaway. Make it too low and you risk fines, dissatisfied customers and a warning from your controlling authority. But make it just right and you can maximise profit while meeting end product declarations exactly.

Further, the ability to measure multiple parameters in a single test taking less than a minute is an essential tool in handling quality challenges associated with MDM production and use in poultry products. Parameters measured include fat, protein, moisture, collagen, salt content. This helps to avoid waste by eliminating cassation of MDM products and reducing or eliminating downgrade.

Measurements can be made by anyone on robust, easy-to-use analysers positioned at the production line, in the laboratory or directly in-line in the process.


Learn more about how to use near infrared (NIR) analysis and what you can measure with NIR from watching this video:



Meet regulatory and customer expectations with reliable and traceable finished product analysis



Poultry meat analysis at the critical final stage of production helps you to limit liabilities and potentially damaging product recalls. Instead you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your products meet specifications.

The majority of this poultry meat analysis can be performed using rapid routine analysis with NIR, but certified chemical analysis methods are also often required for validation of compliance with certain end-product criteria. If you are engaged in traditional laboratory analysis, safe and reliable solutions help you to give reference analysis results with speed and accuracy. For poultry meat analysis with chemical analysis we can provide a complete range of solutions aimed at automating steps for speed and safety while minimising use of chemicals.

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