Efficient quality with poultry meat analysis

Agile testing of mechanically deboned meat and poultry products such as burgers and sausages ensures consistent quality from finely-tuned processes

Poultry meat production

We know that in-line poultry meat analysis can help MDM producers to increase earnings with over $100.000 by producing closer to fat targets.

Insights add value

  • Process control

    Control fat content when producing MDM:

    • Production of MDM batches to specification
    • Brand protection
  • Final product control

    Final product control ensures:

    • Verification of specification
    • Brand protection

Learn how MDM in-line analysis can increase efficiency and product quality

As fat, protein and moisture levels can vary greatly depending on the raw material, rate of input and operator controls, the ProFoss™ in-line analyser is helping producers to get closer to their specification and saving thousands! See how in this three minute video.

Are you ready to explore how much you can save in your poultry MDM production?

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