ProFoss™ poultry MDM

100% control of your poultry MDM production. The ProFoss™ in-line poultry MDM analysis solution gives you continuous measurements allowing you to make real-time adjustments to meet fat targets in each batch.

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Produce closer to target specifications. Increase yield. Reduce customer claims. Reduce or eliminate downgrade.
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Poultry MDM.
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Fat, protein & moisture.

Do you find it challenging to supply MDM that meets the specified fat content?

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Learn how MDM in-line analysis can increase efficiency and product quality

As Fat, Protein and Moisture levels can vary greatly depending on the raw material, rate of input and operator controls, the ProFoss™ in-line analyser is helping producers to get closer to their specification and saving thousands! See how in this three minute video.


  • ProFoss - Protein
    ProFoss - Protein

    Trend analysis

    ProFoss™ takes direct measurements inside the process. Sampling errors and sample preparation errors can therefore be minimised to almost zero.
  • ProFoss

    Dedicated sample interface

    Lateral transmission probe installed directly in the pipe
    True in-line – no bypass – no waste
    No moving parts
    No hygiene compromises
  • FossConnect


    FossConnect™ is a centralised networking management solution for ProFoss™ that helps you reduce your production costs and secure the quality of your products. With FossConnect™, you can manage, configure and monitor your instruments remotely from any internet-enabled computer and safeguard your data for whenever you need it.