ProFoss™ 2 Poultry MDM

100% control of your poultry MDM production. The ProFoss™ 2 in-line poultry MDM analysis solution gives you continuous measurements allowing you to make real-time adjustments to meet fat targets in each batch.

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Produce closer to target specifications. Increase yield. Reduce customer claims. Reduce or eliminate downgrade.
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Poultry MDM.
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Fat, protein & moisture.

Do you find it challenging to supply MDM that meets the specified fat content?

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Learn how MDM in-line analysis can increase efficiency and product quality

As Fat, Protein and Moisture levels can vary greatly depending on the raw material, rate of input and operator controls, the ProFoss™ in-line analyser is helping producers to get closer to their specification and saving thousands! See how in this three minute video.


  • Get more data from your sample with 3rd generation lateral transmittance

    As any poultry MDM producer knows, moisture can form on the surface, which is why it is important for the infrared light used in the measurement to penetrate deep into the sample. The lateral transmittance probe, as its name suggests, is positioned lengthwise in the pipe to measure from the core of the material in process. In addition, it uses a form of near infrared analysis called transmittance to penetrate deeper into the sample as opposed to so-called near infrared reflectance solutions which measure the surface of a sample.
  • Performance validation eliminates the risk of error

    Performance validation allows you to validate ProFoss™ 2 predictions using a FOSS benchtop analyser such as FoodScan 2 or NIRS™ DS3 as reference, without any manual entry of data.


    Samples are measured and registered by the ProFoss™ 2 and benchtop analyser respectively to eliminate the risk of error and secure optimal performance. Using integration, connectivity and automation the results matched are saved via cloud and are ready for evaluation and reporting using digital services.

  • Trend analysis

    ProFoss™ 2 takes direct measurements inside the process. Sampling errors and sample preparation errors can therefore be minimised to almost zero.
  • High resolution near infrared technology

    High resolution diode array technology ensures accurate and continuous analysis, giving you a clearer picture of your process. A high number of pixels (diode sensors) in the spectrum secures a more detailed (accurate) and uniform (repeatable) analysis result.