A guiding principle for FOSS is that all products and services should be of the highest standards. Therefore, FOSS comply with international standards and regulations in order to fulfill our customer needs.




ISO 9001 Certification -  Quality Management

All FOSS Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, Development, and manufacturing processes are ISO 9001 certified, ensuring our products and services comply with the standards our Quality Management Systems set.

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ISO 27001 Certification – Information Security Management

FOSS knows data and information are critical components for our customers’ business today.  Therefore, FOSS’s operations of digital services offered to customers, including the use of data from the customers’ analytical instruments, devices, processes and systems, and internal functions, are ISO 27001 certified.

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ISO 14001 Certification – Environmental Management System

FOSS is committed to enhancing environmental performance by obtaining the ISO  certificate in all production sites. In 2022, the production facility in China Suzhou was certified. 

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CE Declaration

FOSS instruments comply with the requirements for the market in the European Community and are CE labelled. Instruments with this symbol conform to all relevant essential requirements in all applicable EU-directives and/or EU-regulations and are eligible to be placed on the market in the European Community. Compliance is ensured by applying harmonized and other relevant standards. An EU Declaration of Conformity is supplied with all instruments.


Certificates for reagents and chemicals


FOSS provides certificates for all reagents and chemicals. You can view and download the reagent and chemicals certificates by selecting your product from the list below. Please contact if you require certificates that are not listed.



Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for reagents and chemicals


Please contact your local supplier to receive Safety Data Sheets in local languages. 

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