Consistent quality at less cost through processed meat analysis

Instant tests for key parameters such as fat, moisture and protein ensure more consistent quality while saving money in the processing of burgers, sausages etc


Delivering consistent quality while handling tight margins has always been top of mind for producers of products such as burgers and sausages. Today, these considerations are more important than ever as the industry faces up to increasing demands for sustainable products, improved product quality and traceability throughout the supply chain.

Without a clear picture of what they are working with, production managers are often forced to stay on the safe side with respect to key quality parameters such as fat and moisture. At the same time, other key parameters such as protein, salt and others must be carefully monitored for consistent quality deliveries and for labelling.

The advent of rapid meat analysis in the laboratory or directly in the production environment gives the vision required to make smarter decisions in production and secure quality of final products. Robust and easy to use benchtop solutions for processed meat analysis can test samples from batches within less than a minute. Alternatively, so-called in-line solutions scan 100% of complete batches of meat in real time and perform foreign object detection at the same time.

Insights add value


Processing meat process line

Raw material control

Quality assurance of incoming raw material ensures: supplier control, improved food safety.

Process control

Control fat content in your mixer and move the fat content closer to target: reduce lean meat give-away, improved consistency of final products, brand protection.

Final product control

Final product control ensures: products within specification, brand protection.

Fulfill labelling requirements with a single test taking less than a minute


Regulations for meat quality control and labelling are evolving around the globe. Rapid analytical solutions help producers to respond without increasing operational costs or the burden on existing resources.

For instance, processed meat analysis with an easy-to-use NIR analyser gives all information required to fulfil the EU requirements for product labelling. This includes result data for fat, saturated fat protein, moisture, collagen, salt content and others. Processed meat analysis can be made by anyone on robust, easy-to–use analysers positioned in the laboratory or at the production line. And if you are engaged in traditional laboratory analysis, safe and reliable solutions help you to give reference analysis results with speed and accuracy.

This video interview explores how the latest take on a well-proven routine meat analysis solution provides a powerful platform for growing meat quality control requirements, including a fast and simple way to deliver labelling parameter data.



More profit from accurate analysis of ground meat


In-line solutions based on X-ray analysis measure the fat content of entire batches of ground meat while also checking for foreign objects. The insight that this provides allows a fast and accurate fat standardisation of ground meat based products.

It is possible to obtain an accuracy at batch level (like the mixer) as low as 0.5%. This level of accuracy allows fine adjustments to production for improved earnings and the payback time of the investment in X-ray solutions can be as low as a few months. This video case story explains more.


Quality sausages at less cost


As with ground meat, a fast and accurate analysis of CL/fat is vital for profitable sausage production as well as other parameters such as content of moisture and protein. Factors such as mixing time and fat smearing in dry sausage production can also affect quality and shelf life.

Meat analysis solutions help to:

• Reduce lean meat give-away, or in other words: to optimize raw material use
• Standardise batches according to specifications and increase line efficiency by reducing time for manual sampling, sample preparing, testing, possible adjustment and re-work.
• Reduce mixing time in order to avoid overstressing the raw material
• Optimise use of raw material
• Improve brand recognition, leading to more sales from improved final product quality and consistency
• Avoid the risk of fat smearing in dry sausage production (Fat smearing on the inside of the sausage casing will prevent moisture from being extracted from the sausage during the drying process. Excess moisture can cause bacteria to grow, leading to shortened shelf life and reduced quality.)

Learn more about the value of meat analysis in dried sausage production in this video case story.

Performance, uptime and transparency of data


FOSS solutions draw on multiple technology disciplines including instrumentation, software and connectivity. Among the benefits of this complete solution approach is rock-solid and consistent high analytical performance of instruments, no matter where they are located and who is using them. Other advantages include transparency and traceability of results and unique levels of service and support.

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Our integrated and remotely controlled support and optimization services ensure maximum value from all your FOSS solution wherever you are in the world. Beyond on-site maintenance, our service engineers and application specialists are always with you online. The team monitors performance status and secures that your connected analytical operations run smoothly. Our preventive maintenance warrants up-time and quality of data - day after day. Read more

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