Consistent quality at less cost through processed meat analysis

Instant tests for key parameters such as fat, moisture and protein ensure more consistent quality while saving money in the processing of burgers, sausages etc

We know that standardising fat content can mean hitting your fat targets consistently. The resulting savings on lean meat give-away can amount to yearly savings of at least 120.000 EURO for an average sized meat plant.

Where can you analyse

  • Raw material control

    Quality assurance of incoming raw material ensures:

    • Supplier control
    • Improved food safety
  • Process control

    Control fat content in your mixer and move the fat content closer to target:

    • Reduce lean meat give-away
    • Improved consistency of final products
    • Brand protection
  • Final product control

    Final product control ensures:

    • Products within specification
    • Brand protection

Learn how Birchwood Foods obtained the highest possible accuracy with in-line fat analysis

Birchwood Foods were among the first to install the new MeatMaster™ II in 2013. See the MeatMaster™ II in action and learn how Birchwood are taking advantage of the new accuracy levels.

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Why routine analysis technology is a pre-requisite for consistent quality products

From slaughter to retail release, every step in the meat production process at Dovecote Park in Yorkshire, experience goes hand in hand with analytical technology.
MeatMaster II packshot photo on the grey background

MeatMaster™ II

The smart-enabled MeatMaster™ II is the leading in-line fat analyser offering you unmatched accuracy for higher value creation than any other solution. MeatMaster™ II keeps your production close to target and ensures high and uniform product quality. Read More

FoodScan™ 2 Meat Analyser

FoodScan 2 is the gold standard for fast, accurate and easy analysis of meat and processed meat products. It can be used in all stages of meat production – from checking incoming raw material to final product control.


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FoodScan 2


Fat analysis in ground meat.

Meatscan™ is easy to use and can be placed anywhere in the production for checking fat content in ground meat based on samples.

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