MeatScan™ is an easy, flexible and cost effective meat analyser for routine fat and moisture analysis. With MeatScan™ you can standardise the meat fat content in batches and avoid over use of expensive raw material. At the same time, you can control fat content of incoming raw material.

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Rapid analysis of any type of homogenized meat. Safe and easy to use with no need for chemicals. Ready-made global calibrations.
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Any type of ground or homogenized meat sample.
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Fat & moisture.

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NIR test ensures consistent fat content of pre-rigor pork

Near Infrared fat analysis is proving a valuable tool for pre-rigor pork specialists, Calihan Pork Processors as a rapid and reliable check on fat content in meat deliveries.


  • MeatScan features
    MeatScan features

    Just how easy is it

    Running a test with MeatScan couldn’t be easier. Simply place the prepared sample in the sample holder, select sample type, press start and wait for results. 

  • MeatScan meat test
    MeatScan meat test

    Perfect products every time

    With MeatScan™ it is easier to keep fat content spec and build consistency of finished products. Customers will be delighted and regular testing of incoming raw, material keeps suppliers on their toes too, leading to a reliable, high quality intake.
  • ANN Software
    ANN Software

    Easy start-up, with readymade global ANN calibrations

    MeatScan™ measurements are based on an ANN calibration as a plug and play solution.
  • FossConnect


    FossConnect™ is a centralised networking management solution for MeatScan™ that helps you reduce your production costs and secure the quality of your products. With FossConnect™, you can manage, configure and monitor your instruments remotely from any internet-enabled computer and safeguard your data for whenever you need it.

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MeatScan™ for consistent fat control

The fast and reliable results provided by a MeatScan™ helps U.S. producer to improve customer relations and meet labelling requirements at the same time. Read article

Technical specification

Technical specifications
Analysis time 45 seconds for 15 sub-samples
Self test

Approximately 10 minutes at room temperature

Sample weight 200 g

Measurement mode


Wavelength range

850 - 1050 nm
Detector Silicon linear array
IP Class 42
Software package Mosaic software
Installation requirements  
Power supply 100-240 V AC, 100 VA *), 50-60 Hz, Class 1, with protective earth
Ambient temperature 5 - 35 ºC
Storage temperature -20 ºC to 70 ºC
Ambient humidity < 93% RH, cyclic up to 100% RH
Weight 11.4 kg

Dimensions (W × D × H)

230 x 390 x 420 mm


Stationary, light industry
Software package Mosaic software

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