MeatMaster™ II

The smart-enabled MeatMaster™ II is the leading in-line fat analyser offering you unmatched accuracy for higher value creation than any other solution. Easy to integrate ‘in-line’ into production, scanning up to approx. 50 tons per hour. Standard options include measuring of fat content, weight determination and inspection for foreign objects.

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MeatMaster II
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100% scanning of all raw meat including foreign object detection. Scans all types of raw meat, whether fresh or frozen.
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Any type of raw meat, chilled or frozen. Packed meat or loose on the conveyor.
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Fat, weight and foreign object detection (metal, bone).

What can you gain from smart-enabled X-ray analysis?

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  • MeatMaster II SmartCare
    MeatMaster II SmartCare

    Smart-enabled MeatMaster™ II secures high performance

    MeatMaster™ II is smart-enabled, giving you the opportunity to receive remote monitoring by a FOSS service technician. Get daily notifications if something needs to be adjusted and regular reports to keep you posted about instrument performance and accuracy. 
  • MeatMaster II x-ray
    MeatMaster II x-ray

    100% control with x-ray

    X-ray scans 100% of the meat passing through the scanning area for optimal fat% control and high food safety. X-ray can be used for scanning chilled or frozen raw meat – loose on the conveyor or in trays and boxes. Measure meat in trays, boxes or loose on the conveyor.
  • MeatMaster II in-line
    MeatMaster II in-line

    Improved standardisation – more quality and more profit

    Efficiency and cost savings can be found through improved standardisation or production:

    Avoid lean meat give away in each carton and/or pallet/combo
    Optimise the value of trim categories by reducing the variation between each carton on a pallet
    Reduce the risk of fat fines/fat claims
    Stop foreign objects getting into the final products
    Get a protocol (fat, weight and foreign object detection) for use in case of disputes
  • Italian Ham
    Italian Ham

    Improving the ham curing process

    With X-ray technology it is possible to objectively grade whole cuts like pork bellies, pork hams etc. into uniform categories, which is not achievable via traditional visual inspection. The grading is based on fat measurement and can be combined with image recognition.

    The benefits of this technology apply to producers of bacon, dry ham products and other finished meat products based on whole meat cuts.

    Suppliers of raw meat cuts can also ensure that deliveries are to specification (fat content, size, length, width, thickness) and without foreign objects. 

  • MeatMaster II Clearning rack
    MeatMaster II Clearning rack

    Hygiene & Cleaning

    IP X9K
    Disassemble for cleaning in 1-2 minutes
    Assemble after cleaning in 1-2 minutes
    Cleaning rack holding all parts/accessories
    Complies with EU and USD regulations

“In-line X-ray analysis with the MeatMaster™ II helps us to optimise food safety and increase the value of our beef trimmings.”

See how MeatMaster™ II is used at Danish Crown to make the most of beef trimmings.
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MeatMaster II cleaning rack

Innovative solutions to make things easier for you

From years of close collaboration with our customers we know that having a simple cleaning process is an absolute must, even for high-tech equipment. To accommodate this, the MeatMaster™ II is IP X9K certified and designed for easy cleaning in just a few minutes.

Match customer specifications with MeatMaster II for pork-belly sorting

The MeatMaster II helps Bacon producers HKSCAN to control fat content in pork bellies more precisely according to customer demands. The bellies are run through a MeatMaster X-ray analyser that scans all of them for fat, weight and foreign objects. Data is fed to an automatic sorting line and labels are automatically printed for finished batches.

White Paper: Why is X-ray the leading technology for fat analysis?

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Technical specification

Products measured and product presentation
Products Natural raw meat, fresh or frozen
Properties Fat, weight and foreign objects detection
Meat applications Placed in plastic trays (without PVC), cartons or directly on the conveyor
Measuring range 2 - 85% fat
Product temperature -20 to 35°C
Product presentation Average height of the meat: between 5 and 20 cm

Max. width of boxed meat/meat loose on the conveyor: 57 cm

Min. distance between trays and cartons: 5 cm
Capacity Up to 50 tonnes/hour depending on application
  • Fat content is measured at an accuracy of 1% or better (accuracy on 20 kg sample)
  • Weight is measured at an accuracy down to 1% relative or better
  • Metal is detected down to 2mm (3mm in 15-20 cm meat height)
  • Bone, glass and other foreign objects are detected down to 5 mm (typically 9-10 mm in 15-20 cm meat height)
 Dimension H x W x D: 2,37 x 2,50 x 1,22m (94,8 x 100 x 48,8 inches) and requires W x D: 2,50 x 2,20m (100 x 88,8 inches)
 Data connection Ethernet 10/100

PDx + KEPServer

 Standards and approvals MeatMaster™ is CE labelled and complies with the following directives:
  • EMC (electromagnetic Compatibility) Directive 2004/108/EEC
  • LVD (Low voltage Directive) 2006/95/EEC
  • MD (Machine Directive) 2006/42/EEC
 Reference methods
  • Schmid-Bondzynski-Ratslaff (SBR) method No. 131, 1989 from the Nordic Committee for Food Analysis (NMKL)
  • ISO 1443:1973 Fat in Meat Products

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