MeatMaster™ Flex

MeatMaster™ Flex is an in-line solution designed to fit immediately after the grinder. Its exceptional mobility makes it easy to integrate into any production facility, and the state of the art X-ray scans 100% of the meat with industry leading accuracy.

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MeatMaster Flex
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100% scanning of all raw meat. Scans all types of grinded meat, easy to move around and fits into any production facility.
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All types of raw ground meat, chilled or frozen.
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Fat, moisture, protein, weight. Foreign object detection (metal, bone).

Leading in-line X-ray analysis with MeatMaster™

Since MeatMaster™ was first launched in 2003, more than 500 units have been installed globally, covering applications as meat trimming in boxes or transported loose on the conveyor. The groundbreaking in-line X-ray analysis with MeatMaster™ has proven to be a great way to optimize quality and earnings by efficiently managing the fat/lean mix in the product while simultaneously checking for foreign objects.

Exceptional instrument flexibility

Standing on wheels, the unique flexibility makes it easy to fit the MeatMaster™ Flex into any production facility, with a minimum of space and installation requirement.


A tilting function makes it possible to tilt the conveyor up to 10 degrees and the main unit can be installed in two different heights.

Dedicated installation after the grinder

The MeatMaster™️ Flex is developed to fit into any production facility. It is an in-line solution designed to fit immediately after the grinder or into a production line with a compact production footprint.
Recipe handling
Production line

Smart-enabled recipe handling

The intuitive recipe solution guides the operator to secure that batch targets are reached. The monitor will display the target volume and fat content of the selected batch. As the batch is produced, information about the development in volume and fat content is shown. Finally, also information about a detected foreign object will appear.



• No need for manual calculation (avoid risk of human errors)
• No need to use and maintain an external software program
• Increased productivity

What can you gain from mobile enabled X-ray analysis?

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