Secure profit in frozen dessert and ice-cream processing

Keep up with evolving consumer trends without compromising on quality and profit

Ice cream production


In a market that is highly driven by constantly evolving consumer trends, the frozen dessert and ice-cream processing industry needs to be more agile than ever.


The demand for variety is putting pressure on frozen dessert and ice-cream processors to innovative their product portfolio. Novelty flavours, plant-based alternatives, premium quality, organic ingredients, sustainability issues and health concerns such as fat content, GMO free, sugar content etc. are just some of the concerns that producers are faced with today.


Aside from these rapidly changing consumer demands, optimal use of raw materials continues to be one of the key drivers to ensure yield and profit in frozen dessert and ice-cream processing. Standardisation holds the key to hitting the precise balance between fat and dry matter to secure optimal taste as well as profitability, without compromising on quality. With modern analytical technology, you can perform checks for possible adulteration at the same time, making sure that you always deliver safe and healthy products.

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Ice cream process line

Incoming raw materials

Screen incoming raw materials to ensure optimal taste, safety and shelf life of your final products. Check hygiene and compositional values as well as intended or unintended adulteration of milk.

Ice cream mix standardisation

Standardise your ice cream mix to get the right balance of fat, dry matter and sugar. Make optimal use of raw materials and ensure consistent product quality for maximum profit.

Final product

Check your final products before delivery. Ensure consistently high quality to protect your brand.

Standardise for consistent quality and maximum profit

Getting the right ratio of components in your ice-cream or frozen dessert mix is the key to meet industry standards, achieve consistent quality and taste and secure maximum profit.


Variations in composition may result in poor quality. Therefore, correct standardisation is essential to ensure that final products consistently meet recipe targets for fat, sugar and dry matter, regardless of the scale of your ice-cream processing operation or variations in your raw material.


Bring your composition in line with specified legal limits for fat and dry matter without giving away valuable components such as milk fat and cream, which could have otherwise been sold at a much higher price.





Always standardised and no more instrument drift


High performance has been achievable for decades but maintaining it can be a burden on the ice-cream processing industry due to the time and resources involved.


A game-changer delivered by the MilkoScan™ FT3 is the new patented automatic standardisation that runs every second hour. This avoids instrument drift and ensures stable results over time. There is no need to perform time consuming standardisation checks with associated use of chemical reagents, significantly reducing the need for costly reference analysis.

Versatile process control of all your ingredients


Faced with a growing range of ice-cream and frozen dessert products, ice-cream processors need to be agile in production and product development with analysis that is capable of handling lots of different samples.


With the MilkoScan™ FT3, you can test a wide variety of liquid and semi-solid dairy and similar plant-based products, including sample types that contain particles such as chocolate chips and nuts. With its smart flow system, it can recognize and auto-adjust to each sample and deliver results in as little as 30 seconds depending on product type. And you do not need to worry about complicated calibration work when introducing new product types, no matter what you are testing. The instrument can handle a wide variety of products without additional calibration work, reducing the need for reference testing.


For quality control of powders and ice-cream mixes, the NIRS™ DS3 Ice Cream Analyser is a practical tool that is ideal for routine production control and monitoring of final product quality.


Vanilla ice cream

Effective finished product analysis


Analysis at the critical final stage of production helps you to limit liabilities and potentially damaging product recalls. Instead you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your products meet specifications.


The majority of this testing can be performed using rapid routine analysis with FTIR, but certified chemical analysis methods are also often required for validation of compliance with certain end-product criteria. For chemical analysis we can provide a complete range of solutions aimed at automating steps for speed and safety while minimising use of chemicals.


Performance, uptime and transparency of data


All FOSS solutions combine technology you can trust with the most advanced connectivity capabilities. This complete solution approach enables consistent high analytical performance for maximum return on investment and unrivalled service and support.

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With you in your daily work


Our integrated and remotely controlled support and optimization services ensure maximum value from all your FOSS solution wherever you are in the world. Beyond on-site maintenance, our service engineers and application specialists are always with you online. The team monitors performance status and secures that your connected analytical operations run smoothly. Our preventive maintenance warrants up-time and quality of data - day after day. Read more.

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