MilkoScan™ FT3

The MilkoScan™ FT3 offers a new, intelligent approach to analysis of dairy and plant-based drinks including the power to test a wide variety of liquid and semi-solid products with exceptional uptime and unprecedented consistency of results.

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Intelligent instrument for rapid platform control and segregation, fair payment and screening for abnormalities. Product standardisation for optimal use of raw material and consistent quality products. Monitoring the quality of final products.
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Compositional analysis of liquid and semi-solid dairy products such as milk, cream, whey, yoghurt, creme fraiche, protein concentrates including WPC, chocolate milk as well as plant-based drinks such as soy, almond, oat, rice, coconut and pea milk and more.
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Global calibrations: Fat, protein, lactose (incl. low lactose products), total solids, solids non fat, freezing point, titratable acidity, density, free fatty acids, citric acids, casein, urea, sucrose, glucose, fructose and galactose. Targeted and untargeted adulteration screening.

What difference can MilkoScan™ FT3 make in my dairy business?

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  • Always standardised and no more instrument drift

    MilkoScan™ FT3 provides a new patented automatic standardisation that runs every second hour. This eliminates instrument drift and ensures stable results over time. There is no need to perform time consuming standardisation checks with associated use of chemical reagents and significantly reducing the need for costly reference analysis.
  • Smart flow system handles many products

    MilkoScan™ FT3 provides accurate testing of any liquid or semi-solid dairy product including chocolate milk, drinking yoghurt, WPC, plant-based drinks and more.

    With its smart flow system, it can recognize and auto-adjust to each sample and deliver results from as little as 30 seconds depending on product type. This leads to immediate gains in production through the rapid availability of critical quality control data for a variety of samples.

  • Intelligent troubleshooting

    MilkoScan™ FT3 has a unique and advanced self-diagnostic system that continuously monitors the condition of all the vital components and provides fast and easy troubleshooting. It automatically sends a notification to the operator if one of the components require maintenance. It can also be used during troubleshooting to resolve issues before they become a problem.
  • Manage multiple instruments in a network

    With MilkoScan™ FT3 you can rest assured that all instruments in a network always measure the same. This makes it simple to run a master satellite set-up in which a master instrument keeps the other networked instruments updated. This reduces the workload of maintaining all the calibration models and result validations.
  • Rapid screening of abnormalities and adulterants

    MilkoScan™ FT3 offers the most comprehensive and accurate screening of your milk with either targeted or untargeted models in just 30 seconds.

    Adulteration screening can be included as part of the platform quality testing and is an important tool for improving milk quality and ensuring food safety. Check for deliberate or accidental adulteration while performing normal quality control tests.