More butter from the same cream

Get the highest possible moisture concentration with the lowest possible fat content and improve yield while always meeting quality and legislative requirements.

Butter production

Today even the most accomplished dairy producers face the challenge of getting more and more out of their raw materials while still improving their product quality. That is a tall order in an industry built on highly variable raw materials and quickly changing markets.


But where nature is unpredictable, data harvests never fail.


It’s a common goal for butter production: get the highest possible moisture concentration with the lowest possible fat content. In this way, you can safely improve yield and profit while always meeting quality and legislative requirements. In effect, you can get more from your production without putting more in. Now, FOSS makes it simpler than ever to achieve this goal.


Near infrared (NIR) analysis is a powerful tool for producing butter closer to target specifications. For instance, the easy-to-use FoodScan™ 2 dairy analyser offers multi-parameter tests taking less than a minute. This allows regular tests to keep track of production.


Even closer control of the process can be achieved with the ProFoss™ 2 in-line NIR analysis solution. By measuring directly in the process every few seconds, process variation of key parameters such as fat, moisture and solids non-fat can be constantly monitored against targets allowing adjustments to be made accordingly for higher yield.

Butter process line

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First part of butter analysis process

Incoming milk

Quality assurance of incoming milk ensures safe products, longer shelf life, better taste and brand protection. Leverage the power of MilkoScan™ FT3 to analyse incoming milk with unprecedented consistency of results.
Second step on the butter analysis process

After the butter churn

Get optimal control of your butter production by producing butter closer to fat and moisture specifications and reducing process variations. ProFoss™ 2 is the ultimate solution for efficient butter standardisation with real-time measurements.

Final product control

Final product quality control ensures products are within specification and according to Codex Alimentarius. Protect your brand while saving time/labour with fast and safe analysis using FoodScan™ 2


At FOSS we understand that success in your butter production is dependent on being able to optimise the use of raw materials and deliver consistently high quality products. Our versatile range of analytical solutions has been designed to give you rapid access to accurate data throughout the production cycle - from intake of raw material to process control and end-product specification.


With this information, you can supply the high quality products your customers expect and make the best possible use of your valuable resources.

From lab to in-line - a solution for every need

FoodScan monitor with analysis results


Benchtop analytical solutions from FOSS have become widely established and relied upon for accurate and rapid measurements of key process control parameters. MilkoScan™ FT3 is the ultimate solution for analysing incoming milk with compositional analysis, whereas FoodScan™ 2 is ideal for improving the quality and consistency of solid and semi-solid dairy products while optimising production processes.



The introduction of the ProFoss solution changed the game by providing direct and continuous measurements of butter directly in the process pipe. Key control parameters such as fat, moisture and solids non-fat could be more closely monitored allowing tighter production control against targets. At the same time, the reliability of the results could also be easily checked against the highly stable FoodScan™ 2 analyser.




Always know what is going on in the process with real time analysis


The continuous flow of analysis data provided by ProFoss™ 2 allows you to shift production targets closer to fat and moisture specifications for immediate and lasting improvements to yield.


Each measurement is made up of high-frequency sub-scans. The frequency of measurement ensures that nothing gets missed and that you will always have a precise picture of any fluctuations in the process. Another aspect of the ProFoss™ 2 measurements is that they are made using near infrared transmittance, which penetrates deep into the sample. This avoids interference from moisture that can form on the surface of butter.


Further, the ProFoss™ 2 measures directly in the process pipe with the patented FOSS lateral transmittance product interface. The latest generation of the lateral probe gives a unique high-resolution signal for unprecedented accuracy. At the same time, the consistency of measurements ensures that all units can be relied on to always give the same high quality measurements.


You can choose to measure at different points in the process line or across different production lines using simple-to-implement multi-point installation options with each installation giving the same high-level of measurement performance.

Ilustration of the ProFoss 2 Butter proces

The typical analyzer Installation point: Installation after the butter churn in order to validate and adjust final moisture content

ProFoss 2 Profit Chart

Profit improvement

With a butter price of Euro 3.10 and a yearly production of 4,500 tons, a moisture increase of 0.3% yields Euro 50,000 per year.


Stretch your profit zone: Production costs can be decreased and the higher product consistency will increase your competitiveness.

Secure your business with a total solution

With an analysis solution from FOSS you are effectively putting your production in the hands of a reliable partner helping you to ensure consistent performance day in, day out and year after year.


All our solutions combine technology you can trust and the most advanced connectivity capabilities with a complete service and support solution. Meet your targets consistently to improve yield, maximise profit and deliver top quality products, and maintain maximum uptime to protect your investment.

Chart with butter analysis process

Dedicated industry solutions


All FOSS solutions combine technology you can trust with the most advanced connectivity capabilities. This complete solution approach enables consistent high analytical performance for maximum return on investment and unrivalled service and support.

Network graphic

With you in your daily work


Our integrated and remotely controlled support and optimization services ensure maximum value from all your FOSS solution wherever you are in the world. Beyond on-site maintenance, our service engineers and application specialists are always with you online. The team monitors performance status and secures that your connected analytical operations run smoothly. Our preventive maintenance warrants up-time and quality of data - day after day. Read more.

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ProFoss 2 Butter

ProFoss™ 2 Butter Analyser

ProFoss™ 2 provides direct and continuous measurements, helping you to improve your yield and profit in butter production.


Control variations of fat and moisture in the process to produce closer to target specifications.

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FoodScan™ 2 Dairy

Fast, accurate and easy analysis of solid and semi-solid dairy and similar plant-based products.


FoodScan™ 2 provides the analytical data you need about composition and colour. Improve the quality and consistency of solid and semi-solid dairy products and similar plant-based products while optimising production processes.


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Thumbnail picture presenting MilkoScan FT3 on a blue background

MilkoScan™ FT3

The MilkoScan™ FT3 offers a new, intelligent approach to dairy analysis including the power to test a wide variety of liquid and semi-solid dairy products with exceptional uptime and unprecedented consistency of results. Learn more

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