Perfect timing for network-supported dairy analysis

A remote monitoring and support package for dairy analysis equipment safeguards the traditional quality values of leading Brasilian dairy, Tirolez.

Founded 40 years ago, Tirolez is one of the most traditional dairy brands in Brazil. The company has a distribution center in São Paulo and no-less than six factories located in Minas Gerais (Tiros, Arapuá and Carmo do Paranaíba), São Paulo (Monte Aprazível and Lins) and Santa Catarina (Caxambu do Sul).


A new dairy analyser was installed at the plant in Tiros and quickly proved itself a big help in protecting the renowned quality of Tirolez products. Further advantages of the modern analytical technology then became apparent through the services supplied with the instrument. 


 Screening raw milk with BacSomatic

Keeping everything running right

The analyser makes it very simple for anyone to perform reliable tests, but even so, quality controllers still need to keep an eye on the performance of the instrument, resolve any technical issues that might occur and ensure that it is being used correctly.  A smart solution to all these aspects of analytical instrument ownership presented itself in the form of so-called digital support services.

The tool has proven to be very useful for any support to be carried out by the technical team, even from a distance.

As with most modern dairy analysers, the MilkoScan Mars is supported online with the FossAssure system which helps to ensure that instruments and operators perform consistently 24/7. “I learned about FossAssure right after the acquisition of the MARS analyser equipment, where FOSS technicians mentioned the tool and presented its advantages,” says quality control manager Laysa Araújo.


She explains how, before, it was necessary to do periodic monitoring and transfer the analysis results to a spreadsheet for monitoring and evaluation, in particular to check the performance of the calibration supplied with the analyser against the local variations in the milk samples. A typical example could be due to seasonal variations in milk quality due to changes in feed from winter to summer or similar. 


In addition, monthly reports track measurement performance and frequency allowing any trends and issues to be spotted and corrected if necessary.  “The FossAssure system now provides greater convenience in being able to access the equipment remotely. In addition, the monthly diagnostic reports of the equipment signal any deviation,” says Araújo.

Practical solution for challenging times


Having a system where an expert can support local users remotely is highly relevant with respect to the limitations of the corona virus crisis where travel and on-site visits are restricted. 


Araújo explains: “The tool has proven to be very useful for any support to be carried out by the technical team, even from a distance. We have remote technical support and at the same time we can protect the team's integrity at such a critical time worldwide where we seek the maximum safety of our employees and partners who provide services. This helps in a quick resolution of any problems through the support of a team that has training in FOSS technology.”

Hardware and software team-up for great results

The MilkoScan Mars analyser tests milk for up to six key parameters such as fat and protein and total solids within a minute. The rapid tests help dairies to pay the right price for deliveries based on on-the-spot analysis and then provide a solid basis for production control decisions according to the quality of raw material. At the end of the process, the analyser can perform rapid checks on finished products before they leave the dairy. 


The use of MilkoScan Mars in combination with the FossAssure system is a good example of how recent technology developments have taken dairy analysis to a new level.


Dairy organisations such as Tirolez can exploit the full value of analytical equipment while reducing time spent on maintenance and potential instrument downtime. For instance, an operator at a dairy plant can just make good use of consistent analytical data to improve processes and boost quality without having to worry about running and maintaining equipment.


“Before, the expectations were very positive, but I was not fully aware of all the positive points of the tool.” concludes Araújo.


Perhaps most importantly these days, expert support will always be there, no matter what the distance. 

Foss Assure Calibration

FossAssure™ and FossAssure™ Pro

  • Stay in control of quality and cost by monitoring instrument health and operating procedure compliance

  • Optimise preventive maintenance activities and avoid unplanned downtime

  • Avoid out-of-spec products and uncertainty by validating calibration accuracy (FossAssure™ Pro)
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