Optimise your yoghurt production

Yoghurt production

We can help you ensure safe and high quality products with rapid and easy to use solutions for yoghurt analysis.

Where can you analyse

  • Yoghurt proces Yoghurt proces

    Incoming Milk

    Quality assurance of incoming milk ensures safe products, longer shelf life, better taste and brand protection.
  • Yoghurt proces Yoghurt proces

    Milk standardisation

    Improve your yoghurt milk standardisation by producing closer to specification. Fast results free up labour time and no need for consumables reduces cost.

  • Yoghurt proces Yoghurt proces

    Final product control

    Final product quality control ensures products are within specification, secures consistent products and brand protection.

Are you ready to learn how to analyse components such as various sugars in your yoghurt in 30 seconds?

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MilkoScan™ FT1 for profit and consistent dairy products

Learn how you can check milk for abnormalities while performing compositional analysis in just 30 seconds.

Webinar: Now everybody’s eating yoghurt

Watch our free webinar to learn how the MilkoScan™ FT1 can help you optimise your yoghurt analysis.

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FoodScan Lab

FoodScan™ Dairy

Efficient dairy analyser for yoghurt, butter and cheese.

FoodScan™ Dairy Analyser is a fast, accurate and easy to use instrument for analysing yoghurt, butter, cheese and whey powder in just 50 seconds. 



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MilkoScan™ FT1

Fast and accurate analysis of incoming milk and yoghurt with MilkoScan™ FTIR analyser

The gold standard in dairy analysis. From incoming milk and milk standardisation to final liquid dairy products, MilkoScan™ FT1 gives you the highest accuracy and the best results for your dairy production.


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MilkoScan FT1

Dairy eBook: All about screening for adulteration

This free guide explains why screening is crucial, and how modern technology makes the screening concept accessible to any size or type of business.

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