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We know that wine producers who base their decisions on 10.000s of analysis results simply make better wine.

Where can you analyse

  • Grape maturity and segregation

    Ensure high quality of grape must:

    • Know when to pick to ensure optimal grape maturity
    • Detect grape soundness for optimal segregation
    • Measure quality parameters for correct payment
  • Fermentation and ageing

    Control your fermentation processes:

    • Control alcoholic and malolactic fermentation processes
    • Identify potential contamination and react in time
  • Blending and bottling

    Reduce the risk of errors in the final stages of wine production:

    • Control your blending process with high accuracy
    • Ensure stability of wine for bottling
    • Measure finished wine for correct blending, bottling and documentation
    • Ease your administrative burden

Networked wine analysis instruments ensure consistent grape quality at harvest

Linking WineScan™ SO2 instruments in a network is allowing a major wine cooperative to raise the overall quality of grapes received during harvest while ensuring consistent payment to growers.

Are you ready to explore how your wine production can benefit from running unlimited analyses for grape segregation, fermentation management and bottling?

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Testing phenolic maturity for smooth structured wines

Tracking the phenolic maturity of grapes is helping Union de Producteurs in St. Emilion to make better wine with a significant increase in the volume of grapes going into top cuvee wines over recent years. Read article

Effective grape segregation and fermentation management at Concha Y Toro

Chilean wine producer Concha Y Toro explains the benefits of running the WineScan™ for grape segregation and fermentation management of 50 million litres of wine.

OenoFoss™ Go

OenoFoss™ is a handy wine analyser designed for smaller wineries allowing you to measure key parameters in winemaking from grape to finished wine. Read More
OenoFoss Go

WineScan™ SO2

Rapid and accurate SO2 analysis in wine.

Get all the benefits of the renowned WineScan™ plus rapid and accurate free and total SO2 in just 2 minutes.

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Wine analyser for more than 10 process parameters.

The cost effective OenoFoss™ wine analysis instrument from FOSS provides instant process information helping winemakers to improve wine quality. 

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