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Craft brewing has enjoyed massive growth in recent years. Despite the momentum, practical barriers can prevent stellar-bound craft brewers from reaching their true potential. Among these, the lack of sufficient beer analysis data during the brewing process can limit both business gains and creativity.

Brewers are forced to stay on the safe side to ensure brand quality while staying on-spec with respect to key parameters such as alcohol content. Holding things back are test methods that are diverse, labour-intensive and prone to human error. For instance, it is often necessary to take a whole litre of sample to get a density measurement and this involves degassing the sample in just the right way before it can be tested. Alternatively, using an external laboratory for beer analysis involves waiting time for results and high running costs.

The advent of rapid, easy-to-use and run test equipment has released brewers from the burden of previous testing methods. From the hot side to finished beer, users can just go and grab a sample and place it in an instrument. In a few minutes, the results for multiple parameters pop-up on the touch-screen interface. These include direct alcohol measurement, density, pH and extracts. This easy access to reliable beer analysis test data gives brewers the freedom to push their boundaries as they strive to create new exciting offerings for a growing market.

Insights add value


Process line for beer

Throughout the extraction process

Get wort to spec for good conversion and yield, follow recipes, ensure optimal mashing and lautering pH, calculate the pre and post-boil evaporation rate and measure final cooled wort.

During fermentation

Start with the correct extracts, check your degree of fermentation and evaluate the attenuation level.

During maturation and stabilisation

Ensure desired quality by evaluating fermentation performance, check product consistency and control stability and quality.


Ensure correct labeling, free your tanks quickly, ensure regulatory and labeling compliance and maintain brand consistency.


Go create


From mango to marmalade, with the latest beer analysis analytical technology it is easy to test a variety of samples without complex filtering and degassing. With easy tests, brewers are free to create new brews safe in the knowledge that the same great quality can be achieved with every brew. Consistent quality avoids losses both in time and use of raw materials.

Users report that the availability of beer analysis data simply ‘lights a fire’ of creativity in the brewery.

Anyone can measure reliably and the automatic recording of test data provides a wealth of insight for continuous improvement of the brewing process. Connectivity available via networking software ensures long-lasting, worry free performance without the need for expensive service visits and support.


The value of direct measurement


Testing beer in the glass sample by FOSS instrument


The development of rapid and easy multi-parameter beer analysis follows in the slipstream of popular solutions that FOSS has developed for other application areas, for example, in the wine industry.

The technology is based on a well proven form of infrared analysis called Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR). With FTIR is particularly suited to rapid and reliable analysis of liquid samples.

Additional services available through the latest in networking software create a total solution, for instance, self-maintenance diagnostics and online support helps users to keep everything running right. Inexpensive reagents, consumables and maintenance ensure low running costs and make for easy analytical operations.

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One test does it all


With the latest test equipment, users simply place the sample, press start on the touch-screen interface and tests on wort, beer under fermentation or finished beer are delivered within three and a half minutes.

Standard beer analysis parameters include True alcohol, density, pH and extracts with additional parameters available as options. The constant flow of reliable test data helps staff to avoid costly mistakes and ensure that regulatory requirements are met while encouraging creativity in making the next ‘best seller’ beer. Further, the integrated traceability of results makes for the perfect stage for development of new beers.


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Our integrated and remotely controlled support and optimization services ensure maximum value from all your FOSS solution wherever you are in the world. Our service engineers and application specialists are always with you online and our preventive maintenance programs ensure up-time and quality of data - day after day. Read more

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