Rapid beer analysis

No degassing of samples, no worries about varying quality, no need to handle different items of analysis kit – just easy beer analysis for consistency, creativity and profit in craft brewing.

Crat beer industry


The development of rapid and easy multi-parameter beer analysis follows in the slipstream of popular solutions that FOSS has developed for other application areas, for example, in the wine industry.

The technology is based on a well proven form of infrared analysis called Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR). With FTIR is particularly suited to rapid and reliable analysis of beer and liquid samples.

Additional services available through the latest in networking software create a total solution, for instance, self-maintenance diagnostics and online support helps users to keep everything running right. Inexpensive reagents, consumables and maintenance ensure low running costs and make for easy analytical beer operations.
Read more about how a leading global laboratory uses the new beer testing solution for practical beer analysis.

Where Insights add value


Process line for beer

Throughout the extraction process

Get wort to spec for good conversion and yield, follow recipes, ensure optimal mashing and lautering pH, calculate the pre and post-boil evaporation rate and measure final cooled wort.

During fermentation

Start with the correct extracts, check your degree of fermentation and evaluate the attenuation level.

During maturation and stabilisation

Ensure desired quality by evaluating fermentation performance, check product consistency and control stability and quality.


Ensure correct labeling, free your tanks quickly, ensure regulatory and labeling compliance and maintain brand consistency.


One test does it all


Rapid and easy beer analysis adds value throughout the beer-making process. From mango to marmalade, with the latest beer analysis analytical technology it is easy to test a variety of samples without complex filtering and degassing.


Practical beer analysis: With you in your daily work


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