Quick, accurate beer analysis

Test a wide range of parameters in wort, fermenting beer, finished beer, and hard seltzer on FOSS’ brewing solutions. No sample prep and a calibration-free experience enable a profitable and turnkey QA/QC experience.

Crat beer industry


Craft brewing has weathered many challenges in recent years – from COVID-19 to supply chain shortages to inflation and rising utility costs, many environmental realities impact craft breweries today. However, the desire to create and explore flavors and fermentations is stronger than ever, and despite all of this, many breweries are still growing. How can craft breweries find their way through these varying conditions?


Whether your brewery is focused on growth, has achieved the desired level of growth, or is wanting to stabilize its production schedule, bringing analytics into your workflow is a guaranteed way to better manage your production schedule and make your brewery more profitable. The more you know about the wort you produce and what is happening in tank, the better you can make decisions and the more quickly you can turn your tanks around.


Mid-infrared solutions, such as FTIR, offer many advantages in your brewery – the technology is fast, accurate, easy to use and does not ‘drift’, meaning that it does not need to be calibrated. They are also sturdy pieces of equipment; BeerFoss FT Go can be placed in your lab or nearly anywhere on your production floor. Sample prep is a thing of the past – simply take a 10mL sample directly from tank, or cool down wort to room temperature, and within three minutes you will have clear insight into your wort or beer. An easy touch screen interface and no maintenance ensures that your mind will be clear to focus on the creative part of your work (in between all the cleaning, of course).


Where Insights add value


Process line for beer

Throughout the extraction process

Get wort to spec for good conversion and yield, follow recipes, ensure optimal mashing and lautering pH, calculate the pre and post-boil evaporation rate and measure final cooled wort.

During fermentation

Start with the correct extracts, check your degree of fermentation and evaluate the attenuation level.

During maturation and stabilization

Ensure desired quality by evaluating fermentation performance, check product consistency and control stability and quality.


Ensure regulatory and labeling compliance for ABV and calories, free your tanks quickly and on schedule, and maintain beer and hard seltzer consistency.


One test does it all


Rapid and easy beer analysis adds value throughout the beer-making process. From mango to marmalade, with the latest beer analysis analytical technology it is easy to test a variety of samples without complex filtering and degassing.


Practical beer analysis: With you in your daily work


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