BeerFoss™ FT Go

BeerFoss™ FT Go is a competitive solution that provides key data measures for more precise quality control of the entire brewing process. BeerFoss is easy to use and delivers lab-quality results within 3 minutes.

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Reliable direct measurement of alcohol, extract and pH allows you to optimise the yield and quality of each brew according to your recipe.
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Wort, fermentation, finished beer and hard seltzer
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Alcohol, SG, densitry, pH, RDF, ADF, calories and extracts.

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  • Reliable measurement of wort, fermentation and beer in less than 3,5 minutes

    Key brewing parameters including direct alcohol measurement, density, pH and extracts for 4 sample types; wort, fermentation, beer and hard seltzer, provide you with the instant knowledge you need at any stage of the brewing process.

  • Get objective results no matter who is measuring

    BeerFoss ™ FT Go is easy to use by anyone. An intuitive touch screen and easy online introduction program enables you and your staff to make reliable measurements from day one, without the need for training.
  • Reliability offered at the best value for money

    BeerFoss™ FT Go has low running costs with long lasting benefits thanks to inexpensive sample preparation, low cost of reagents/consumables and no need for expensive technical service visits and support

Technical specification

Analysis time Less than 3,5 min
Noise level < 70 db (A)
Sample volume 6 -10 ml
Sample preparation

Wort and fermentation: Filtration*

Beer: None (no need for de-gassing)

Sample temperature 15 - 25° C
Cleaning Automatic and programmable


Automatic, integrated. Self test option

 *Use BeerFoss™ FT Go filtration device. Provided with purchase of BeerFoss™ FT Go.

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