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Practical beer analysis without degassing beer samples


A new beer analysis option leverages proven, easy-to-use analytical technology so that breweries everywhere can make quick multi-parameter tests without sample preparation.  


Whether you are using a flask, an ultrasonic bath or a plain old plastic bucket, de-gassing beer for analysis is likely to be a pain for any brewery. It takes time and, if not done correctly, can lead to false results. Now a new analytical solution takes the uncertainty and work out of beer testing. 


Anyone who works in a brewery can just place a sample in the handy new analyser and test. Be it hazy New England IPA’s or Big Pastry Stout, sours, fruited or non-alcoholic beer, the instrument called BeerFoss FT Go can take it in its stride. The risk of variations in samples and operator error is also reduced by the simplicity of being able to just take a sample directly from the tank, bottle or can. 


Landgang Brauerei in Germany, was a first-mover in taking advantage of the new solution after its release in 2021. The popular brewery is seeing significant growth, and there is little time for brewers to spend on anything other than meeting production goals. The speed and convenience of the analyser has transformed analytical operations. Sacha Bruns, co-founder and brewer, comments: “Before we analysed the beer traditionally, degassing, filtering and so on. It was more complex and much slower. We just needed much more time and we used hobby brewing devices, which was annoying and not so accurate.”

The ability to get test results quickly and simply is allowing quality control to be integrated into the beer making process. BeerFoss definitely helps to improve quality,” says Sacha. “Because I have constant measured values and high measurement accuracy, I find deviations relatively quickly, which previously happened either too late or the results couldn’t be determined before to the right degree of accuracy.”





Simple analysis built on proven technology 
Over the last decade, the quality control options available to food and beverage producers have developed significantly.  Test equipment has become easier to use, more reliable and simpler to run, for example, with developments in connectivity and networking allowing users to conduct advanced analysis consistently without need for a resident technical specialist on-site. 


Much of this development has already been enjoyed for many years by users in other industries such as dairy and wine where the accuracy, ease-of-use and speed of tests has quite literally revolutionized quality control operations. Now a new analysis solution called BeerFoss FT Go brings that same power to today’s dynamic craft-brewing scene, allowing brewers to create even more great new beer while maintaining better control of the brewing process.  


The BeerFoss FT Go is based on a well proven form of infrared analysis called Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR), hence the ‘FT’ in the BeerFoss FT Go name. FTIR is particularly suited to rapid and reliable analysis of liquid samples. 


As well as the testing, the set-up and running is also made simple. The instrument self-cleans its measurement flow system and it requires only minimal use of consumables. It is delivered ready-for-use with first time set-up taking less than two hours.


More information about BeerFoss FT Go


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