Fish meat analysis

We know that measuring quality parameters in raw fish meat and processed fish meat products ensures that you meet end-product declarations and get the right price for your products.

Where can you analyse

  • Raw material control

    Quality assurance of incoming raw material ensures:

    • Segregation of raw materials
    • Efficient raw material use
    • Homogeneous final products
    • Brand protection
  • Process control

    Process control during cooking process ensures:

    • Adjustment of protein/moisture content to secure high quality
    • Brand protection
  • Final product control

    Final product control ensures:

    • Verification of specification
    • Brand protection

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Get an overview of routine analysis for fish farming and processing

In this guide you can get an overview of critical control points in different types of fish and fish processing.   Download brochure

FoodScan™ 2 Fish Analyser

Fast, accurate and easy to use instrument for analysing raw fish meat and processed fish meat.


In all stages of fish production, from raw material to final product control, the FoodScan™ 2 Fish Analyser gives you accurate results in just 25 seconds.

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Kjeltec 8400

Kjeltec™ 8000

Automated Kjeldahl for easy and unattended protein analysis.

With the fully automated Kjeltec™ 8000 distillation system you can measure total volatile basic nitrogen (TVBN) in prepared samples of fresh or frozen fish for accurate protein determination.

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