Dairy herd improvement

Dairy herd

In today’s tough market, farmers are demanding more and more information at the same cost. With FOSS as a partner you are now able to offer a unique differential somatic cell count parameter for improved mastitis management.

Where can you analyse

  • Central milk testing labs & large scale dairy farms

    Dairy herd improvement is typically performed at the central milk testing laboratory or may be performed on farm for larger dairy herds. 
    Within dairy herd improvement, accurate and timely analysis results help farmers to:

    ·       Optimise feeding
    ·       Combat diseases such as mastitis
    ·       Manage culling

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Dairy herd improvement with differential somatic cell count: a new tool to fight mastitis

Despite the advances of recent decades, mastitis in dairy herds remains a major problem for dairy farmers and the dairy industry in general. Losses in milk production amount to millions of Euro per year. A new sophisticated milk analysis tool has been developed to help tackle the challenge, as explained in this video interview. The new analyser counts both somatic cells and so-called differential somatic cells in raw milk for a fuller and earlier indication of mastitis. This gives dairy farmers a vital edge in heading off the worst effects of the disease.