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Dairy Herd Improvement

Dairy herd

In today’s tough market, farmers are demanding more and more information at the same cost. With FOSS as a partner you are now able to offer a unique Differential Somatic Cell Count parameter for improved mastitis management.

Where can you analyse

  • Raw Milk Testing Proces

    Central Milk Testing labs & large scale dairy farms

    Dairy herd improvement is typically performed at the Central Milk Testing laboratory or may be performed on farm for larger dairy herds. 
    Within dairy herd improvement, accurate and timely analysis results help farmers to:
    ·       Optimise feeding
    ·       Combat diseases such as mastitis
    ·       Manage culling

“The new feature of Differential SCC … provides the farmer with a tool for more judicious use of antibiotics by having a better evaluation of udder health”

At ICAR 2016, General Manager of Valacta, Daniel Lefebvre explained how the improved accuracy and effectiveness of CombiFoss™ 7 provides farmers with even better milk testing tools for cow health evaluation.

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White Paper: Learn more about the rationale behind the new Differential SCC parameter for mastitis management

The combination of SCC and Differential SCC provides more precise information on the actual inflammatory status of the mammary gland. This White Paper explains the latest research about the value of the two parameters.

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MilkoScan™ 7 RM

A high capacity, fully automatic analyser for testing payment and dairy herd samples.

The MilkoScan™ 7 RM delivers fast, reliable results for Ketosis screening, fatty acid profiling and more. IDF and AOAC compliant. Available as part of the CombiFoss™ 7.

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MilkoScan 7
Fossomatic 7

Fossomatic™ 7 / 7 DC

Up to 600 samples per hour.

Two models are available: Fossomatic™ 7 for accurate Somatic Cell Counting and Fossomatic™ 7 DC model for Somatic Cell Counting with Differential Somatic Cell Counting capability. Compliance with ISO/IDF standards and FDA/NCIMS and EURL/Microval approvals (pending). Available as part of the CombiFoss™ 7.
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White Paper: The novel parameter Differential SCC with the Fossomatic™ 7 DC

Learn more about the only instrument to enable routine analysis of two parameters, SCC and Differential SCC, simultaneously using DHI cow milk samples at low cost.

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