Danish Crown exploits X-ray fat analysis for automatic trim sorting

MeatMaster II
10. août, 2018
X-ray results provide the platform for automated foreign object rejection and sorting of bins according to fat content.
More and more meat producers are reaping the rewards of X-ray analytical technology.
As an alternative to taking samples for analysis in a laboratory or control room, X-ray analysers such as the FOSS MeatMaster™ II can measure entire batches of fresh or frozen meat directly in the production line. It also checks for foreign objects at the same time.  

Typical uses of X-ray analysis include control of fat content in raw meat trimmings to avoid lean meat giveaway and batch standardisation for production of processed meat products. Examples of other innovative applications are automatic grading of pork belly cuts for bacon production, selection of pork legs for dry ham production and in-line fat testing after the grinder.

How X-ray is improving the use of beef trimmings at Danish Crown 
The video shown below shows how a modern Danish Crown meat plant in Denmark is making good use of in-line X-ray analysis to sort beef trimmings while also checking for foreign objects.

A FOSS MeatMaster II X-ray analyser is placed just after the cutting and deboning operation to analyse boxes of trimmings according to fat content and weight. Foreign objects such as pieces of bone are spotted at the same time. If an object is spotted it signals that the box in question should be pushed out of the line for inspection. 
The cleared boxes move on to an automatic sorting system where the information about fat and weight is used to build bins of trim according to customer requirements. 

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