CombiFoss™ 7

CombiFoss™ 7 provides raw milk testing for 19 parameters in 6 seconds, including somatic cell count (SCC) and differential SCC. Seamless integration of MilkoScan™ 7 RM (FTIR) and Fossomatic™ 7 (flow cytometry) in one analysis unit.

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Testing an unparalleled 19 parameters in just six seconds, the CombiFoss™ 7 provides a unique platform on which to base your milk-testing business.
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Raw milk (cow, goat, sheep, buffalo).
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Fat, protein (true and crude), casein, lactose, solids (SnF and TS), urea, citric acid, fatty acid profiling, Free Fatty Acids (FFA), freezing point depression, pH, ketosis screening (BHB and acetone), untargeted raw milk screening (adulteration), total somatic cell count (SCC) and differential somatic cell count (DSCC).

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“The new feature of DSCC … provides the farmer with a tool for more judicious use of antibiotics by having a better evaluation of udder health”

At ICAR 2016, General Manager of Valacta, Daniel Lefebvre explained how the improved accuracy and effectiveness of CombiFoss 7 provides farmers with even better milk testing tools for cow health evaluation.


  • Differential SCC for improved mastitis management

    Differential somatic cell count (DSCC) is a new milk testing parameter introduced with the Fossomatic™ 7 DC analyser. It complements the established test for total number of somatic sells (SCC) pioneered by FOSS in the 1980’s. The Fossomatic™ 7 DC has several sensors detecting fluorescence signals from milk cells and a new chemistry and an incubation unit. Combined, they enable the instrument to measure DSCC and SCC simultaneously.

  • Diamond cuvette for improved robustness ensures maximum uptime

    MilkoScan™ 7 RM has a diamond cuvette backed by 10 years guarantee. Optics are optimized on the interferometer module increasing the signal/noise ratio, ensuring the same high performance at all cadences and improving repeatability for minor constituents. 

  • Adulteration – untargeted raw milk screening

    Raw milk containing abnormalities is a growing problem. The abnormalities can be caused by deliberate adulteration, for example, with lard or melamine or by accidents if water or cleaning agents are mixed with the milk. With the MilkoScan™ you can screen incoming raw milk samples to identify a suspect raw milk sample quickly and as a normal part of everyday testing. The suspect sample can then be further analysed to determine the contaminant.

  • FossConnect™

    FossConnect™ is a centralised networking management solution CombiFoss™ and BactoScan™ that helps you to reduce operational costs and secure consistent high performance from your analytical instruments. With FossConnect™, you can manage, configure and monitor your instruments remotely from any internet-enabled computer and safeguard your data for whenever you need it.