Find more ‘green gold’ with olive oil testing

In an era of change, olive oil testing improves quality and yield with actionable insights throughout the oil production process


Based on a quality image at the heart of a popular Mediterranean-style diet, global consumption of olive oil is growing. But recent growing seasons have challenged supply.


While olive trees are highly drought resistant, an unpredictable climate can still affect yield. Just one topical example is that unusually hot spring weather can provoke trees to shed flowers to preserve water for survival, with obvious implications for the subsequent harvest. Drought and heat can also impact the size of fruit and resulting yield from the press.  

Innovative analytical solutions give you the reliable data you need to get the best possible result from the harvest, boosting yield while protecting the famous quality of olive oil products. For instance, you can test the quality of whole olives for oil and moisture directly without sample preparation and you can test paste and pomace for oil depletion to get the most from the production process with the least amount of valuable resources. The testing is done using easy, straightforward benchtop equipment or with state of the art in-line solutions providing a continuous stream of reliable test data directly from the process line.

Insights add value


Incoming olives

Take full control of your olive quality: Know the potential yield of your olives and decide fair payment for incoming olives.

Residual oil

It pays to know the potential of your pomace after the first crush: Determine residual oil in pomace, get valuable information about oil and moisture in olive pomace and hit targets consistently without wasting valuable oil content.

Final product control

Final product quality control: Test on the spot to avoid costly external lab testing for labelling purposes without use of chemicals. Assess your final product to get the right price.

Payment based on direct tests of whole olives


Avoid time-consuming sample preparation when testing olives for deciding payment. Easy-to-use analysis based on near infrared technology allows you to just place the whole olives in the specially designed sample cup and results for oil content and moisture are delivered within 30 seconds.


Olives in cup

The OliveScan™ 2 gives an immediate and objective measurement that truly represents the sample. NIR transmission technology penetrates deep inside the olives and up to 18 subsamples test multiple sections across the sample area. Furthermore, the specially-designed sample cup ensures reliable measurements by avoiding any gaps in the sample mass. Any unhindered measurements that may occur due to any pinhole gaps between the olives are automatically disregarded. Learn more

Max value from the press testing pomace for oil depletion gives essential insight




Because it is so easy to make a reliable measurement, anyone working in the plant can perform high quality analysis and contribute to product consistency. And when a test takes 60 seconds with no additional costs, you test as much as you like until you have all the information you need.

Olive pomace can be analysed directly with no further preparation. This gives an immediate insight into remaining oil and the best next steps for optimal use of production time and resources. Learn more


Track oil content and moisture every few seconds with in-line analysis

Benchtop NIR solutions such as Olivia are proven to provide regular insight into key parameters for production and quality control. But what if you could measure every few seconds with the same performance and without having to pick up samples? Providing continuous measurements of moisture and oil in real-time, the ProFoss™ 2 in-line analyser empowers you to achieve better business results when producing olive oil.

In this case story, Cooperativa Olivarera in Spain explain how analysis directly in the process provides a continuous flow of analytical data, allowing more precise control of production. Yield is improved while quality is made more consistent. Learn more here

Performance, uptime and transparency of data


FOSS solutions draw on multiple technology disciplines including instrumentation, software and connectivity. Among the benefits of this complete solution approach is rock-solid and consistent high analytical performance of instruments, no matter where they are located and who is using them. Other advantages include transparency and traceability of results and unique levels of service and support.


Network DS3


With you in your daily work


Our integrated and remotely controlled support and optimization services ensure maximum value from all your FOSS solution wherever you are in the world. Beyond on-site maintenance, our service engineers and application specialists are always with you online. The team monitors performance status and secures that your connected analytical operations run smoothly. Our preventive maintenance warrants up-time and quality of data - day after day. Read more

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Olivia™ gives you reliable analysis in 30 seconds. Quality control of incoming olives ensures fair payment while frequent process control of key parameters ensures maximum yield and increased profit.
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OliveScan 2 on the blue background

OliveScan™ 2 for olive processing

OliveScan™ 2 for olive processing is a versatile solution for testing the quality of whole olives for payment and for controlling olive pomace in olive oil production. The instrument is based on the well-proven OliveScan 2 near infrared (NIR) technology platform.
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ProFoss™ 2 oilseed meal analyser

Improve quality and yield with true in-line analysis of pomace for moisture and oil. With measurements every 2-3 seconds directly in the production line, you can detect trends early and make immediate corrections.
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Profoss 2 for feed product picture on grey background

NIRS™ DS2500 L

Direct measurement of crude edible oils, liquid sugars and other liquid samples. Parameters include Free fatty acids (FFA)/Acidity, iodine value, peroxide value, phosphorous, oleic acid, linoleic acid, colour and more.
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