Forage analysis


We know that optimising your TMR composition with real-time measurements
can result in a yearly profit improvement of up to 234.000 Euro.

Where can you analyse

  • Forage analysis Forage analysis

    Raw material and compound feed

    Monitor the variability of incoming raw materials

    Pay the right price for incoming materials
    Reject out of spec materials
    Segregate raw materials optimally
  • Forage analysis Forage analysis

    At the TMR mixer - On farm evaluation

    Update TMR formulation to optimise feed production

    Know the nutritional value of finished TMR
    Detect and rapidly correct mistakes in formulation

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The uses and benefits of NIR analysis for silage production

In this video a silage expert from Chr. Hansen discusses the various types of samples and parameters being measured, explaining how routine analysis of silage with NIR can add value to production.

Improve the nutritional composition of Total Mixed Ration with NIR

What to consider for regular, on farm silage testing with NIR to improve the nutritional value of the feed mix and increase yield in dairy cattle. Read article
Silage Storage

NIRS™ DS2500 F

Exceptional accuracy for a wide range of feed additives and raw materials.


Get full control of TMR and forages. Ensure the quality of incoming raw materials, optimise blends in the mixer and check final product quality.

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NIRS DA 1650

NIRS™ DA1650

Feed and forage analyser designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments on the farm.

The NIRS™ DA1650 feed analyser is ideal for real time quality control of raw materials and forages for improved efficiency. 
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White Paper: Comparing methods for fibre determination in food and feed

This White Paper gives an overview of fibre determination methods and their importance for animal feed performance, based on results reported from the proficiency testing scheme of the AAFCO. In order to download this White Paper you need to submit the requested information and join our FOSS knowledge community. We will process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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