NIRS™ DS3 Feed

Advanced feed analysis for everyone. The innovative NIRS™ DS3 combines unique analytical performance with the latest software and networking services, making reliable test data for decision-making more available than ever. It’s a complete solution that supports all aspects of your analytical operations from calibration development to measurement and data integration.

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Save time and money in your evaluation of raw materials and forages. Produce closer to specification and ensure consistent final product by controlling quality throughout your manufacturing process.
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Unground or liquid material including compound feed, grains/cereals, vegetal protein meals, vegetal by-products, animal by-product/rendering, forages, pet food and more.
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Protein, moisture, fat, ash, fibre, starch and colour.

Discover how NIR analysis data can add value throughout the feed process?

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“Instead of doing things by the wet chemistry method, with results taking 1-2 days we have results in less than a minute”

The NIRS™ DS3 builds on a long legacy of successful FOSS analytical solutions. In this video interview, quality controllers at the Cobadu feed plant in Spain explain how rapid and versatile testing provides key data on incoming raw materials and products in production.


  • Automated sample transfer

    Automated sample transfer reduces time spent on transferring data to and from management systems 

  • Smart Start

    The Smart Start function ensures that your NIRS DS3 is ready to measure without having to wait for diagnostics. Just start the shift and start measuring.
  • FossManager™

    FossManager™ software allows instruments to be connected in a network making it easier, quicker and more reliable to manage individual or multiple instruments from a desktop located anywhere. 
  • Ready-to-use calibrations or tools to develop your own

    FOSS global ANN calibrations are built on thousands of samples from a large variety of raw materials. Alternatively, develop your own calibrations with the easy to use FossCalibrator™ tool.
  • Versatile performance

    Advanced and versatile solution for testing a range of parameters on ground or liquid material with no or very limited sample preparation.