Milk payment

Milk payment

In today’s global market there is a growing focus on ensuring safe milk products. We offer a wide range of solutions in compliance with legal requirements for fair payment and milk safety including adulteration screening.

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  • Milk payment

    Milk payment is performed at the central milk testing lab or at the dairy platform. FOSS innovation helps to enforce legal requirements and incentive programmes.
    Payment analysis of raw milk helps to:
    ·       Ensure compositional quality
    ·       Improve hygienic quality
    ·       Screen for food safety 

Curious about uncovering the quality of incoming milk in less than 10 minutes?

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Fossomatic 7

Fossomatic™ 7 / 7 DC

Up to 600 samples per hour.

Two models are available: Fossomatic™ 7 for accurate somatic cell counting and Fossomatic™ 7 DC model for somatic cell counting with differential somatic cell counting capability. Compliance with ISO/IDF standards and FDA/NCIMS and EURL/Microval approvals (pending). Available as part of the CombiFoss™ 7.
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BactoScan FC+™

Analysing bacteria in raw milk in 9 minutes.


Delivering results in just minutes, BactoScan FC+™ allows farmers or milk testing laboratories to take action fast to preserve and enhance milk quality.

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BactoScan FC Bacteria analysis in raw milk

Dairy sector teams-up to tackle food fraud

A symposium held as part of the ISO/IDF analytics week held in Copenhagen in May 2016, highlighted the value of collaboration in defending the food chain from food fraud.

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