SmartCare™ is a service solution that ensures indisputable results from your FOSS analytical solution. Uptime is safe-guarded and trouble-shooting alleviated, setting you free to do your job in pursuit of improved business performance.


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Now, more than ever, reliable test results are the backbone of successful operations in the food and feed industry

The success of any food and feed production is measured in yield, which is highly dependent on quality analysis. Reliable analysis is essential to stay in control of production quality and cost.


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Features SmartCare™ Pro
SmartCare™ Advanced SmartCare™ Core
Instrument performance monitoring reports  12 per year  12 per year
Pro Calibration performance monitoring reports  12 per year   -  -
Service maintenance remote and on-site incl. maintenance kit  Yes  Yes  Yes
Ad hoc support available - remote and on-site
 Remote within 8 hrs.
 On-site 48-72 hrs.
 Remote within 8 hrs.
 On-site 48-72 hrs.
 Remote within 8 hrs.
 On-site 72 hrs.
Instrument software updates
 Incl.  Incl.  Incl.
Extended warranty
 Yes  Yes  -

Special discounts

 Yes  Yes  -

Always a step ahead

Service maintenance allows you to rely on test results and get on with your job without worrying about unplanned downtime.


  • Get alerts about instrument performance to warn you before something goes wrong

  • Receive tailormade FossAssure™ reports to monitor and optimise performance and use of your analytical solutions 

  • Get on with your job with less worry about unplanned downtime

  • Reliable and available test results day after day

Always ready to act

Rest assured that your analytical solution is running correctly with connected analytical solutions that provide faster diagnostic retrieval.


  • Reduce time to resolution with online troubleshooting 

  • Get direct corrective actions can be undertaken from remote support

  • Safe guard up-time and alleviate trouble-shooting

  • Know that your analytical solution is used correctly

Always improving

Focus on continuous improvement and operational excellence with remote monitoring.


  • Ensure that your analytical solution is used correctly with remote monitoring

  • Get support packages that are adaptable to your production needs

  • Software and calibrations can be updated remotely, maintaining continuous high performance of operations