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18. Jul, 2023


The FOSS Group

Companies within the FOSS Group that may contact you include FOSS Analytical A/S, FOSS Analytical Co. Ltd., FOSS (UK) Ltd., Foss do Brasil Instrumentos Analiticos e Solucoes Dedicadas Lta, FOSS Centro America S.A., FOSS Electric España S.A., FOSS France SAS, FOSS GmbH, FOSS India Private Limited, FOSS Italia S.r.l., FOSS Japan Co. Ltd., FOSS Korea Ltd., FOSS Nordic A/S, FOSS North America, Inc., FOSS Pacific Pty. Ltd., FOSS Polska Sp. z o.o., FOSS S.A., FOSS South East Asia Co. Ltd. and FOSS Viet Nam JSC.


Privacy policy

Our Privacy Policy provides you with an overview of the principles that apply within our group of FOSS companies regarding collection and processing of personal data. It is meant to inform you about our use of any personal data we collect from you directly, or indirectly via third party data providers. 



If you wish to unsubscribe you can do so by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the end of any email we send. You can also withdraw your consent at any time, by contacting us via This will include withdrawal of consent given to FOSS trusted partners, with whom FOSS shares data.





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