Science and Technology

What do our scientists, developers and engineers highlight about working at FOSS? Here’s a brief introduction.


“I especially enjoy the variety of disciplines I get to work with at FOSS – there’s a good mix of Windows, embedded Linux, C#, C++, HTML, JavaScript and other cutting-edge technologies. Keeping up to date by learning new interesting frameworks, libraries and technologies is part of the fun. There’s a connection to hardware, which makes the solutions we work on applicable in the real world. It’s nice to go to work, knowing that what you do serves a good purpose – new and better ways of measuring food quality by analyzing grain, milk and wine around the world.”


– Martin Kofoed Jensen, Principal Software Engineer

Data & Algorithms

 “In Data & Algorithms you get the chance to work on various projects, ranging from image analysis and mathematical modelling to deep learning. It is an instructive environment where focus is on innovation and new perspectives are always a welcome input. You get a lot of responsibility and the possibility to work with the subjects you find interesting. For instance, neural networks, statistical models and building algorithms from scratch, in collaboration with the teams. One of the great advantages at FOSS is the transferability between projects, which keeps the work refreshing.”


– Sophie Silberbrandt, Data Scientist

Digital Business

“In FOSS Software Services, we create online digital services for our customers. We create modern, responsive web applications using Angular and expose needed data using services running in Azure. We have a zero-bug policy and strong DevOps mindset – ensuring we focus on quality, automation, and operations. We work in agile teams, and ensure time is spent on the most important features that can be delivered to our customers quickly and effectively.”


- Jens Christensen, Manager

Front End Innovation

“Working with Research in FOSS, you are required to apply and understand a wide range of scientific knowledge. We do research in a vast field of sciences ranging from chemistry and physics to machine learning and robotics. We are expected to find the next great thing in food analysis, which requires us to be aware of the newest advances in nearly every scientific field.”


– Rasmus Strong Jensen, Computer Scientist 


“As a technical specialist, I follow a project from the first crazy idea to the final product. I get the opportunity to be a part of a team that pushes the boundaries of our core technologies, such as X-ray imaging or infrared spectroscopy, and to work with highly skilled specialists from different fields. We have strategic collaborations with different universities, and I get the opportunity to expand my academic horizon and be part of research projects that have real impact.”


– Elisabeth T. Ulrikkeholm, Senior Scientist, Ph.d. in Physics


“As mechanical developer at FOSS you really get around a ton of different challenges. It is your job to combine ideas, knowledge, technologies, and constraints from different fields of expertise into a working system. Just to name a few; different areas of impact include mechanical construction, flow systems, optical solutions, industrial design, cross cultural collaboration, testing, simulation, etc. You are literally playing with lasers and fire." 


– Mathias Møller Klausen, Senior Mechanical Engineer

When it all comes together

Open any blue box at FOSS, and you will see the result of collaboration, ranging from software to hardware and chemistry.


We also value strong collaboration with customers throughout the development phase and always seek to co-create with customers to come up with solutions that solve real problems. Innovation can be industry changing or incremental and consist of adjustments and improvements, which create value. We value both kinds!

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