ProFoss™ 2 Dairy

The ProFoss™ 2 Dairy is in-line dairy process analyser that offers a range of applications for accurate monitoring of dairy production, from butter to cheese and dairy powders*.

ProFoss 2 Butter
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Run production closer to specified targets. Consistent product quality. Optimise for key parameters. Reduced rework.
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Butter, fresh cheese, Greek yogurt, mozzarella, WPC/MPC, cream and dairy powders*.
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Fat, protein, moisture, total solids, solids non fat and protein-total solids ratio.

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“It gave us so much more control over the process”

In this video Lake Country Dairy explains how they achieved optimal control of moisture levels in their Mascarpone Cheese production with the ProFoss™ in-line cheese analyser.


  • Get more data from your sample with 3rd generation lateral transmittance

    As any dairy producer knows, moisture can form on the surface, which is why it is important for the infrared light used in the measurement to penetrate deep into the sample. The lateral transmittance probe, as its name suggests, is positioned lengthwise in the pipe to measure from the core of the material in process. In addition, it uses a form of near infrared analysis called transmittance to penetrate deeper into the sample as opposed to so-called near infrared reflectance solutions which measure the surface of a sample.

  • Performance validation reduces the risk of error

    Performance validation allows you to validate ProFoss™ 2 predictions using a FOSS benchtop analyser such as FoodScan™ 2 or NIRS™ DS3 as reference, without any manual entry of data.


    Samples are measured and registered by the ProFoss™ 2 and benchtop analyser respectively to reduce the risk of error and secure optimal performance. Using integration, connectivity and automation the results matched are saved via cloud and are ready for evaluation and reporting using digital services.

  • Trend analysis

    ProFoss™ 2 allows you to do direct measurements in the process line, thereby effectively avoiding sampling errors and sample preparation errors. The results are shown in an intuitive graphical display, making it easy to spot variations. Because ProFoss™ 2 is measuring every few seconds it gives a reliable picture of what is going on in the process.


  • High resolution near infrared technology

    High resolution diode array technology ensures accurate and continuous analysis, giving you a clearer picture of your process. A high number of pixels (diode sensors) in the spectrum secures a more detailed (accurate) and uniform (repeatable) analysis result. 
ProFoss 2 Butter

ProFoss™ 2 Butter

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