Analysis in your dairy powder production

Powder production

We can help you ensure safe and high quality products with rapid and easy to use solutions for dairy powder analysis.

Where can you analyse

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    Incoming Milk

    Quality assurance of incoming milk ensures safe products, longer shelf life and brand protection.
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    Milk standardisation

    Improved milk standardisation allows you to produce closer to specification. Reduce your process variation, secure consistent end products and raw material optimisation.
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    Process control – after drying

    Control the drying process, reduce process variation and move the moisture target closer to specification to ensure consistent end products.

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    Final product control

    Final product quality control ensures products are within specification and according to Codex Alimentarius. Protect your brand while saving time/labour with fast and safe analysis and ready to use calibrations.

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MilkoStream™ FT

MilkoStream™ is the first true in-line analyser for milk standardisations.

This in-line solution analyses Fat, Protein, Lactose and Solids in liquid milk directly in the pipe using FTIR.





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ProFoss™ Dairy

ProFoss™ in-line dairy analyser for monitoring milk concentrate and dairy powder.

This dairy analyser gives you continuous analysis of Protein and Moisture after the dryer in your final dairy powder.


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Dairy e-book: All about screening for adulteration

This free guide explains why screening is crucial, and how modern technology makes the screening concept accessible to any size or type of business. In order to download this eBook you need to submit the requested information and join our FOSS knowledge community. We will process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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