Vacancies list

Published Title Country
2020-09-15 Industry Sales Manager Laboratories Germany / Austria Germany
2020-09-13 Biotechnologist Hungary
2020-09-10 Senior Project Manager Denmark
2020-09-07 Quality Control Specialist Hungary
2020-09-07 Mechanical Design Engineer in R&D Hungary
2020-09-07 Electronic Design Engineer in R&D Hungary
2020-09-06 Frontend Developer Hungary
2020-09-04 C# Cloud Developer Hungary
2020-09-04 Frontend Developer in Soft Flow Digital Hungary
2020-09-02 Controller with an interest in IT Denmark
2020-08-29 Service Manager for FOSS Russia Russian Federation
2020-08-27 Segment Product Manager, Wine & Beverage Denmark
2020-08-26 Laboratory Industry Sales Manager United States
2020-08-26 Industry Sales Manager for Central Western USA United States
2020-08-20 Mitarbeiter (m/w/d) Vertriebsinnendienst / Sales Administration Germany
2020-08-17 Head of Hardware Engineering Hungary
2020-08-10 Product Owner Hungary
2020-08-10 Researcher - Molecular Biologist Hungary
2020-08-10 Researcher - Senior Assay Developer Hungary
2020-08-06 Student Assistants in Production and Supply Chain at FOSS Denmark
2020-08-03 Researcher - Senior Molecular Biologist Hungary
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