Vacant Positions

You can apply for a specific vacancy from the list below or send us an unsolicited application through our Job Agent. We also have plenty of options for people who are still studying and would like to get an experience in our company.

Vacancies list

Published Title Country
2021-12-02 Global Business Developer, Care Solutions Denmark
2021-11-29 Segment Expert China
2021-11-22 Front End Cloud Developers – FOSS Software Services Denmark
2021-11-22 Software Asset and License Manager Poland
2021-11-15 C++ backend Developer Denmark
2021-11-10 Labortechnikus Hungary
2021-11-10 Lead Mechanical Design Engineer Hungary
2021-11-10 Business Analyst Hungary
2021-11-10 Researcher in Biotechnology Hungary
2021-11-09 UX/UI Designer – FOSS Software Services Denmark
2021-11-06 UI UX Designer Hungary
2021-11-05 Global Support Specialist – Wine and Beer Industry Denmark
2021-11-04 Product Safety Compliance Specialist Denmark
2021-11-04 Recruitment Specialist Poland
2021-11-03 Site Reliability Engineers - FOSS Software Services Poland
2021-11-03 Platform Owners - FOSS Software Services Denmark
2021-09-30 Product Manager – FossCalibrator and analytics packages Denmark

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Opportunities for students

Are you graduating soon? Or still in the middle of your studies? If you want to take your first career step, join us while you are still studying Join Us

Project, Thesis or Ph.D.

If you are looking for a case study for a semester project, thesis or a Ph.D., we may want to collaborate with you. By collaboration with FOSS, , you will get the opportunity to connect your studies with a real-world business case, and we get access to your knowledge and theories from the academic world.
At FOSS we have a compensation scheme that is aligned with the ECTS point system. The compensation depends on the amount of ECTS points gained when the project has been completed.

Please contact HR, if you want to collaborate with us

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