Innovation that Matters

We are always on the lookout for sustainable solutions that will make food production better, and we’re continuously developing new innovations supporting proven methods, and introducing new pioneering solutions to existing problems.

We spend 10% of revenue on research & development each year, which is expected to add up to over € 130 million over the next 5 years.

We are a curious bunch of engineers, and looking for new and better solutions, which matter in the big picture, is what drives us.


Entrepreneurial Thinking

FOSS was founded by an exceptional entrepreneur, who saw business opportunities in providing farmers with reliable analytics about their crops and produce.

FOSS as a company is set up to foster entrepreneurial thinking, with a value driven, flat organisation and independent teams, who run projects from start to finish.

We pave the way for innovation, knowledge sharing and collaboration with open office spaces, strongly mandated projects and a leadership culture aimed at making room for talent and trust.

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Patents & Innovations

A core value at FOSS is ‘first’. We like being first in applying new technologies in the market. Often we succeed, and change the name of the game.


For more than 60 years, FOSS has been combining knowledge with new thinking, and putting action behind our ideas. The result has been continued innovation and a long history of firsts. With over 100 patents and more than 20 world-first product introductions, FOSS is the leading supplier of innovative analytical solutions within the food and agricultural business.

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The Nils Foss Prize

The Nils Foss Prize celebrates innovation and entrepreneurship, inspired by the legacy of Nils Foss. This prestigious award recognizes outstanding research that drives significant advancements in sustainability, quality, and safety within the food supply chain.


Two categories distinguish exceptional individuals: emerging talents receive the Talent Prize of EUR 15,000, while seasoned scientists are honored with the Excellence Prize of EUR 100,000. They are recognized for their remarkable innovative research spanning a decade or more in the domains of food, feed, and agriculture.

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Food Analytics Conference

The Food Analytics Conference offers a full day of inspiring presentations by distinguished guest speakers and esteemed food scientists from around the globe. The primary objective is to shed light on cutting-edge research that drives remarkable advancements in the utilization of analytical technologies, contributing to enhanced sustainability, quality, and safety in the field of food production.


Hosted by the University of Copenhagen and sponsored by FOSS, this free conference provides a day filled with knowledge and networking opportunities. Following the conference, we will honor the recipient of the prestigious Nils Foss Prize in an award ceremony. This will be followed by a reception featuring wine, tapas, and ample time for connecting and networking.

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