Разделка и обвалка

Cutting and Deboning

Cutting and deboning

We know that the difference between visual assessment and x-ray assessment can amount to 500.000 EUR extra on the bottom line.

Where can you analyse

  • Cutting and Deboning process Cutting and Deboning process

    Process control

    Process control of trim production ensures:

    • Less lean meat give-away
    • Consistent final product
    • Maximum value
    • Food Safety
  • Cutting and Deboning process Cutting and Deboning process

    Final product control

    Final product control ensures:

    • Trimmings within specification
    • Brand protection
    • Food Safety

Getting the best out of beef trimmings

When Danish Crown installed the MeatMaster™ II X-ray analyser they were able to optimise and increase the value of their beef trimmings.
See how the system is integrated and used to build batches for minced meat production.
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Böseler Goldschmaus gains €2,700 per day with in-line raw meat analysis

Learn how introducing the measurement of trimmings with the in–line MeatMaster™ analyser lead to a reduction of customer claims and lean meat give-away. Read article
Raw meat in a box

Know exactly what’s in your meat batches

This animation shows how you can build batches to specific lean meat/fat targets by scanning your individual boxes/cartons of meat.

MeatMaster™ II

100% control of your meat process with MeatMaster™ II.

FOSS X-ray technology gives you unrivalled accuracy whether you are measuring Fat content, Dimension, Weight or detecting Foreign objects.

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MeatMaster II


Fat analysis in raw meat and meat products.

MeatScan™ is easy to use and can be placed anywhere in the production for checking fat content in trimmings based on samples.

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White Paper: Which analytical method is relevant for your production?

Rapid analytical methods at the production floor are bringing huge advantages to the meat industry.
This white paper explains the different options that are available and the relative performance. In order to download this White Paper you need to submit the requested information and join our FOSS knowledge community. We will process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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