What NIR can tell us about sausage production

4. Okt, 2017
Von Richard Batty,
Interview on the value of rapid tests for the improved production of sausages.
A red light normally means stop, but not in the case of infrared light used in routine analytical instruments where the easy and rapid tests provide an effective system for controlling production of meat products.

From checking raw material to final quality control, an NIR instrument is a versatile tool that adds value throughout the production cycle, for example, by getting fat content right from the start of the process and so avoiding costly re-work further downstream. “It becomes like a positive release system,” says FOSS Britain & Ireland sales manager, Richard Batty. 

See more in this video interview for In Focus, in which Batty shares his extensive experience with the use of near infrared (NIR) analysis in meat production.

MeatScan™ is an easy and fast solution for routine fat and moisture analysis. With MeatScan™ you can standardise the meat fat content in batches and avoid over use of expansive raw material. At the same time, you can control supplies by assessing meat fat content of incomming raw material.

MeatScan Pork Sample

Read more about FOSS MeatScan™ here.

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