Flour milling

We know that second to none ash analysis can bring profit to your business, because getting your ash content closer to specification can increase your extraction.

Where can you analyse

  • Incoming grain

    Take full control of your flour quality:

    • Don’t just trust your supplier – know the quality of your incoming product
    • Segregate grain types with confidence
    • Secure results with the global gold standard for grain analysis
  • Blending

    Blend with confidence:

    • Consistent and precise quality
    • Produce closer to target values
    • Reduce input costs
  • Conditioning/tempering

    Optimise moisture levels:

    • Accurate moisture analysis for precise water addition
    • Produce closer to target values
  • Milling

    Control ash for maximum profit:

    • Real time analysis for immediate adjustment
    • Outstanding accuracy at the click of a button
  • Blending/finished product

    Final product quality control:

    • Accurate results your customer can trust
    • Fast analysis allows continuous measurements for consistent quality

Know where you are with NIR

How can NIR users ensure that their growing fleets of NIR instruments are all working just right, all of the time? Bay State Milling Company, USA found the answer in the form of the FossAssure™ instrument monitoring system.

Learn more about the operational benefits of using networking software to manage a whole family of instruments and improve quality control procedures.

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