Make the most of resources with meat and bone meal analysis

Rapid analysis of meat and bone meal for parameters such as fat, moisture, protein and ash enables agile control of the production process


We know that controlling protein levels in bone meal production is the key to increased profit of up to 85,000 EUR per year.

Insights add value

  • Process control

    Process control ensures:

    • Improved production process
    • Optimal value of final products
    • Consistent final products
    • Brand protection
  • Final product control

    Final product control ensures:

    • Verification of specification
    • Brand protection

Explore the value of meat and bone meal analysis

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Get more protein from rendering material with in-line NIR

In this article, animal rendering company, Ten Kate explain the benefits of moving from a traditional NIR lab solution to in-line NIR with tests every few minutes. Learn how integrated process analysis has helped them secure consistent protein content and improved segregation of raw materials for animal feed and pet food production. Read article

NIRS™ DA1650

A robust, easy to use and IP65 certified analyser for measuring meat by-products.

Ideal for meat plants doing rendering – like to monitor and control fat, protein, moisture and ash in meat & bone meal production.
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Exceptional accuracy for meat & bone meal, feather meal, meat by-products etc.


The innovative NIRS™ DS3 combines unique analytical performance with the latest software and networking services, making reliable test data more easily available than ever. 


Monitor the quality of rendered products and measure key parameters for environmental purposes.

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NIRS DS3 Product Picture

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