Animal feed analysis

Корм для животных
Animal Feed

We know that switching to NIR can help producers avoid paying too much for low quality feed ingredients, saving 12.000 Euro per month on external lab services.

Where can you analyse

  • Animal feed
    Animal feed

    Raw material reception

    Monitor the variability of incoming raw materials

    Pay the right price for incoming materials
    Reject out of spec materials
    Segregate raw materials optimally
    Update feed formulation matrix to optimise feed production
  • Animal feed
    Animal feed

    At the mixer – process control

    Control your mixing process in real-time

    Measure parameters to ensure efficient mixing time
    Spot dosing problems for early rework decisions
    Ensure production meets requirements
  • Animal feed
    Animal feed

    After the cooler – process control

    Secure final product quality

    Adjust moisture or fat addition closer to target values
    Ensure composition meets final products specs
    Ensure correct labelling and product specifications to avoid customer claims
  • Animal feed
    Animal feed

    Final product

    Secure final product quality

    Ensure composition meets final product specs
    Ensure correct labelling and product specifications to avoid customer claims
    Brand protection 

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“Instead of doing things by the wet chemistry method, with results taking 1-2 days we have results in less than a minute”

The Quality Control, Lab Manager at Cobadu feed plant in Spain explains how an upgrade to the fast and versatile NIRS DS2500 feed analyser changed their routine analysis overnight.

NIRS™ DS2500 F

Exceptional accuracy for a wide range of feed and raw materials.

Get full control of your feed production. Ensure the quality of incoming raw materials, optimise blends in the mixer and check final product quality.

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Inline feed analysis for accurate real-time measurement.

The ProFoss™ in-line feed solution offers continuous measurements of animal feed analysis parameters directly in the feed processing line using NIR.

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