5 reasons to protect your investment

4. Nov, 2018
Von Claire Percy-Smith
Extended instrument lifetime, keeping expenses within budget and reducing downtime are some of the main concerns amongst owners of analytical technology. In this guide, we’ve summed up 5 reasons why you should consider a service agreement to keep your instruments running year after year.

1.  Protect your investment and get peace of mind
Regular service extends instrument lifetime by making sure that your instrument is adjusted, recalibrated, cleaned and fine-tuned on a regular basis. But we also take care of your instrument performance. Get access to instrument and calibration performance reports that help you to monitor performance and validate and optimise calibrations. Keeping track of your instrument status is easy via monthly surveillance reports that provide you with the guidance you need to solve potential issues. 


With a FOSS service agreement, dedicated service engineers and instrument performance alerts make sure that instrument components are replaced before they are worn-out. This secures that you always have reliable analytical results and prevents time-consuming and possible costly instrument breakdowns and repairs.  

2.  Get full value of your investment and keep expenses within budget 
A SmartCare™ service agreement is comparable to an insurance policy allowing you to maintain your instruments at a fixed low rate and save money on expensive repairs. 



  • Safeguard your uptime and alleviate troubleshooting.

  • Extend your instrument lifetime significantly with Extended Warranty and continuous Preventive Maintenance where wear parts are changed preventively.

  • Get expert assistance on minor adjustments whenever you need it using our phone and web-based support.

  • Access to industry leading support combined with discounts on training, spare parts, reagents, consumables, and software upgrades

3.  Keep production running to protect your business
Unnecessary and unplanned downtime can bring the entire production process to a halt at great expense. 

In many industries today, from food to feed and grain, businesses are dependent on a constant flow of analytical data from the production process to secure product quality and profit. Similarly, commercial and raw milk testing laboratories are dependent on high throughput and a continuous flow of results, sometimes on a 24/7 basis. At grain receival stations where grain suppliers bring grain for testing upon delivery, instrument downtime simply means that business goes elsewhere.

This is why many producers today, rely on a service agreement to ensure maximum uptime and keep their business running. And in many cases, producers experience that outsourcing service improves both yield and quality. 

4.  There’s a service solution to fit your production
FOSS service solutions come with different options to fit your needs, but how do you decide which package is right for your business? 

No matter which solution you have, there is always a small risk of instrument breakdown. However, owners of sophisticated instruments require a higher degree of maintenance and repair, and therefore have a lot to benefit from a service agreement that will increase the level of production security, extend instrument lifetime and eliminate expensive repairs. 

Another aspect to consider is how dependent your business is on keeping production running. In a meat plant, for example, instrument breakdown means a complete stop of production and a subsequent loss of profit. 

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5.   More than 10.000 instruments are covered today
When we ask our customers why they have chosen a FOSS service agreement, the one thing everyone agrees on is that it gives you peace of mind, knowing that: 

  • Your uptime is safe-guarded and trouble-shooting alleviated, setting you free to do your job in pursuit of improved business performance

  • A trusted service engineer will maintain your instrument at regular intervals, at a fixed cost either as an on-site visit or via remote support

  • Regular adjustment, recalibration, cleaning and fine-tuning ensures that you can always trust the measurements from your instrument 

  • You can avoid unforeseen expenses when replacement parts are covered by Extended Warranty


Do you want to learn more about the benefits of outsourcing your service needs in a highly complex food production set up. Read our whitepaper explaining how your business can benefit from joining the 4th industrial revolution.

Connected service solutions

SmartCare™ - Indisputable results you can build on.
SmartCare™ is a service solution that ensures indisputable results from your FOSS analytical solution. Uptime is safe-guarded and trouble-shooting alleviated, setting you free to do your job in pursuit of improved business performance.

FossManager - Secure your instrument configuration and analytic data.
FossManager™ and FossManager™ Pro empowers you to manage your analytical instruments directly from your PC anytime and anywhere. Configure settings and monitor performance across sites and access your data and back-up settings whenever it suits you and from any location.

FossAssure - Optimise the operation and performance of your instruments.
FossAssure™ and FossAssure™ Pro lets you monitor and optimise your instrument performance, reduce unplanned downtime and improve accuracy and profitability.

FossCalibrator - Develop your own calibrations with an easy to use development tool.
FossCalibrator™ and FossCalibrator™ Pro helps you develop, improve and upload prediction models to your instruments to optimise accuracy and profitability.

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