WineScan™ SO2

WineScan™ SO2 ensures full control of the winemaking process from grape harvest to bottling. Ready-to-use calibrations allow simultaneous analysis of key wine quality parameters including free and total SO2.

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Full control of the entire winemaking process. Analyse +20 parameters in 30 seconds. Convenient Sulphite analysis in just 2 minutes. Low cost per sample. Intuitive operator interface.
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Must, Must under fermentation, Finished wine and Sweet finished wine.
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+20 parameters including: Ethanol, Sugars, Organic Acids, pH, Colour, Free and total SO2.

Are you spending too much time on SO2 analysis?

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“We have been won over by the WineScan™ SO2 which has allowed us to improve our actual performance with respect to monitoring production”

Italian wine producer Val D'OCA explains how rapid sulphite analysis and routine testing of other wine parameters helps to safeguard quality, improve economy and streamline laboratory operations.


  • WineScan - Wine analysis WineScan - Wine analysis

    Free and total SO2 results in two minutes

    • Based on Aeration-oxidation method reaction
    • Analytical performance compared to OIV approved method
    • Fully automated and integrated to WineScan™ measurement
    • No contact with dangerous chemicals
    • Lost cost analysis
  • WineScan - number of samples WineScan - number of samples

    Reliable results from robust calibrations

    • Ready to use calibrations for all wines
    • More than 105.000 reference analysis data included
    • Documented analytical performance
  • WineScan Configured Configuration of the WineScan

    Configured to suit your needs

    Available options:
    • Auto sampler with up to 120 cups
    • Mosaic networking software
    • Colour module measuring at 420 nm, 520 nm and 620 nm
    • Grape soundness indexes to detect infections
    • FTIR calibrator software for own calibration modelling
  • WineScan cuvette WineScan cuvette

    Instrument standardisation

    WineScan™ instruments are standardised for high stability to give the same results regardless of any wear on the cuvette.
  • FossAssure Instrument FossAssure Instrument


    FossAssure™ is a WineScan™ digital service designed to reduce product waste, secure brand protection and increase profitability by ensuring the quality and precision of your analytical results. Besides, FossAssure™ services will also improve instrument uptime and reduce production costs by optimising the operation and the performance of your instruments.

WineScan SO2 analysis – see how easy it is

Watch this animation to understand the principle behind SO2 analysis and see how easy it is to measure with the WineSscan SO2.
Merlot Grapes

Testing phenolic maturity for smooth structured wines

Tracking the phenolic maturity of grapes is helping Union de Producteurs in St. Emilion to make better wine with a significant increase in the volume of grapes going into top cuvee wines over recent years. Read article

White Paper: Standardisation of FT-IR instruments

White Paper: Standardisation of FT-IR instruments

Standardisation of FTIR instruments White Paper
This White paper explains how the FOSS patented standardisation procedure reduces the need of Slope and Intercept adjustment while increasing the precision and lifetime of FTIR analysers.

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Technical specification

Performance data

System Description
WineScan™ SO2 consists of the analyser and Foss Integrator software. Options for WineScan™ SO2 include the possibility to upgrade with colour (VIS) module and to automatic version with XY Autosampler.


Finished Wine: (Ethanol, Glucose/Fructose, Malic Acid, Volatile Acid, Total Acid, pH, Free Sulphur Dioxide, Total Sulphur Dioxide)
Must: (pH, Malic Acid, Tartaric Acid, Total Acid, Brix, Density, Free Sulphur Dioxide, Total Sulphur Dioxide)

Finished Wine: (Ethanol, Glucose/Fructose, Malic Acid, Volatile Acid, Total Acid, pH, Free Sulphur Dioxide, Total Sulphur Dioxide)
More calibrations are available. A large number of parameters can be analysed simultaneously, and the number of measure profiles that can be set-up is unlimited.

Without SO2 analysis switched on: 
Analysis time

30 seconds (excl. SO2, see below)
Carry-over <1%
Sample Temperature 5 - 35ºC
Sample Volume Programmable 4 - 25 ml, standard volume is 7 ml for Flex and 8 ml for Auto version
Optical System
Hermetically sealed, humidity control
Cleaning Automatic and programmable
Calibration routines Slope & Intercept Adjustment
Options in WinISI™ SW package PLS (Partial Least Squares) and modified PLS calibrations and PCA (Principal Component Analysis). Flexible selection of spectral intervals.
With SO2 analysis switched on
Analysis time

150 seconds (options for fast hydro-lysis time of 86 seconds)
< 2%
Sample Temperature 5 - 35ºC
Sample Volume Fixed 4.2 ml to be added (total 8.2 - 29.2 ml)
Hydrolysis agent 4 ml 25% Phosphoric acid
Optical System Independent detector, hermetically sealed, humidity control
Cleaning Automatic and programmable
Calibration routines
Slope & Intercept Adjustment
WinISI™ SW options no SO2 - 32 liquid parameters available
FTIR Calibrator FTIR Calibrator software for PLS calibration development
* WineScan Auto is configured with an autosampler for the busy laboratory, WineScan Flex has manual sample intake.
Installation requirements
Power supply 100 - 240 VAC ±10% – 50 - 60 Hz
Power consumption Max. 600 VA during measurement, 200 VA in standby
Ambient temperature 5 - 35ºC
Ambient humidity < 80% RH, cyclic up to 80% RH when going from low to high ambient temperature
Weight 89 kg for WSC Flex; 97,4kg incl. XY Autosampler
Dimensions (H×W×D) 54×88×47.3 cm (excl. PC)
Environment For best performance, place the instrument on a stable surface away from excessive and continuous vibration
Degree of protection IP43 (IP43 PC is optional)
Noise Level < 70 dB
Fuse T 10.0 A
Installation category II
Pollution degree
Altitude < 2000 m
XY Auto Sampler  
Power supply 100 - 240 VAC ±10% – 50 - 60 Hz
Weight 8.4 kg
Dimensions (H×W×D) 61 × 33 × 50.8 cm (with sample probe)

Brochures and Papers

WineScan™ SO2 Brochure

PDF, English

Wine Segment Brochure

PDF, English

Companies using this solution

Val D
Dominio de Pingus
Adega De Borba

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