Grain handling

Grain Handling

We know that grain trade involves risks. With us you can rest assured that whatever the weather or location you can test and get accurate results to end all discussions about quality and payment.

Where can you analyse

  • Grain receival

    Grain quality – get it right from the start:

    • Determine quality for correct payment
    • Correct segregation for end user needs
    • Secure results with the global gold standard for grain analysis
  • Grain transport, shipping & delivery

    Take full control of your grain quality:

    • Don’t just trust your supplier – know the quality of your product
    • Avoid return of delivered products
    • Secure results with the global golden standard for grain analysis
    • Manage product blending with confidence

Rapid and reliable grain tests support effective grain analysis

Loverix grain handlers explain why the Infratec™ NOVA is a cornerstone of their grain handling operations during the busy harvest season. With a turnaround time of 5 minutes per grain delivery, from receival and weighing to sampling and analysis, fast, reliable grain analysis as well as ease-of-use is key.

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