Agile grain handling based on indisputable analytical data

Rock solid data from proven analytical technology ensures the best possible use of valuable grain supplies.

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Rapid and easy to use grain analysis solutions have become essential tools for profitable grain handling. But more than profit, effective grain analysis is also a defender on the baseline of food security, standing toe-to-toe with the vagaries of supply chain disruption and increasingly volatile growing and harvest conditions.


Whatever the latest market, geopolitical or climate situation, effective analytical solutions help you to make the very best of the grain passing through your hands. When deciding payment at delivery, when blending to customer specs, when loading onto transport, when it’s received for milling or malting and when it’s traded on global commodity markets, insight into key quality parameters allows you to deliver higher quality products from the same finite supply of grain from the field.


Over decades of innovation in grain analysis FOSS solutions make sure that you have the reliable data you need to make important grain handling decisions quickly and with confidence.

Payment and delivery based on rock-solid tests

Rapid, multi-parameter analysis of protein, moisture and other parameters allows all deliveries to be checked for payment purposes and segregation. Based on well-established near infrared (NIR) analytical technology, the reliable results provide the foundation for profitable handling and delivery of grain according to customer specification. What’s more, highly consistent analysis from standardized instruments ensures reliable results across sites, for example when analytical instruments are connected as part of grain networks. Learn more in this case story:

Rapid decision making

Loverix grain handlers explain why the Infratec™ NOVA is a cornerstone of their grain handling operations during the busy harvest season. With a turnaround time of 5 minutes per grain delivery, from receival and weighing to sampling and analysis, fast, reliable grain analysis is key.

Grain goes inline

Solutions such as the Infratec™ grain analyzer are proven performers, but what if you could measure every few seconds with the same performance and without having to pick up samples?


Providing continuous measurements of moisture and protein in real-time, the ProFoss™ 2 in-line grain analyzer empowers you to achieve better business results when receiving and shipping grain.


By ‘in-line’, we are talking about doing analysis exactly at the spot where whole grain needs to be measured. For instance, this could be as grain is transported into the silo at receival, as it is blended before loading onto a ship, as it is received at the malting plant or as it is blended before heading into the flour milling process. The big advantage of in-line analysis compared to tests with a traditional benchtop analyzer is that measurements are taken automatically every few seconds. At the same time, the measurements are just as good as those you are used to with the well-proven Infratec™ grain analyzer.


ProFoss 2 - mobile


Key control parameters can be more closely monitored allowing tighter control against targets.


For example, assume that you are building a 20,000 ton ship load of grain to a target of 10.5% protein. You are using two grades of wheat and there is a price difference of EUR 10 between the grades. The real-time data offers insight that allows you to use 15% more wheat from the lower grade wheat and save 15% high quality wheat. Given the 20,000 load, 15% equals 3,000 tons of grain at EUR 10 higher price, resulting in a saving of EUR 30,000.


All the time, the reliability of the results can be easily checked against the highly stable Infratec analyzer. Read more.




Manage food safety risk with a rapid and fully automated test for up to six mycotoxins


Make fast decisions about raw material intake, segregation and process adjustments ensure compliance with legal requirements.


The MycoFoss™ avoids human error with a fully automated process that requires no special skills. Just place the ground sample and push start.


Control quality and cost with easy access to data

FossManager™ networking software allows you to connect your MycoFoss™ solution in a network of grain and feed analysis instruments


  • Access analysis data from all instruments and sites to ensure consistent quality throughout your organisation
  • Better monitoring ensures adherence to food safety regulations and standard operational procedures
  • Store your data safely with back up and long-term data storage

Meeting regulatory and customer expectations with reliable and traceable finished product analysis


Analysis at the critical final stage of production helps you to limit liabilities and potentially damaging product recalls. Instead, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your products meet specifications.


The majority of this testing can be performed using rapid routine analysis with NIR, but certified chemical analysis methods are also often required for validation of compliance with certain end-product criteria. Likewise, chemical analysis provides the reference for calibration of NIR instruments such as the industry benchmark Infratec grain analyzer.


For chemical analysis we can provide a complete range of solutions aimed at automating steps for speed and safety while minimizing use of chemicals. Just one example is the fast and efficient automation of the classic Kjeldahl reference method. Learn more here.



Performance, uptime and transparency of data


FOSS solutions draw on multiple technology disciplines including instrumentation, software and connectivity. Among the benefits of this complete solution approach is rock-solid and consistent high analytical performance of instruments, no matter where they are located and who is using them. Other advantages include transparency and traceability of results and unique levels of service and support.


Network DS3


With you in your daily work


Our integrated and remotely controlled support and optimization services ensure maximum value from all your FOSS solution wherever you are in the world. Beyond on-site maintenance, our service engineers and application specialists are always with you online. The team monitors performance status and secures that your connected analytical operations run smoothly. Our preventive maintenance warrants up-time and quality of data - day after day.

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